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Mr. Tao Tuan Linh — CEO of Ookeenga


Ms. Claire — Partnership Director of ByteNext


Ms. Claire: Today, the AMA of Ookeenga will be hosted by me — Claire. We also feel honored to have you here, giving us a chance to learn more about Ookeenga! Mr. Tuan Linh, are you ready to discuss the Ookeenga project with ByteNext Community? 💪

Mr. Tuan Linh: Yes, I am

Ms. Claire: Alright, we have picked some questions collected in advance via Twitter for you. Please make sure that you end your questions with some words or signs like “Done”, so that I won’t interrupt your answers.

Part 1: Introduction Ookeenga

Question 1

Ms. Claire: Could you provide a brief introduction with a quick look about the Ookeenga project for the community?

Mr. Tuan Linh: OKG is a Real-time Strategy NFT game with 3D graphics developed by CROS Studios.

The gameplay of Ookeenga is a combination of 3 common genres in the gaming community:

- Real-time Strategy

- Collectible Card

- Tower Defense.

We choose this gameplay because we aim to increase players’ competitiveness, organize tournaments for them, and become a GameFi esport project. Ookeenga’s long-term vision is to become a core content IP with a comprehensive ecosystem consisting of both Web2 & Web3 subsequent projects.

Question 2

Ms. Claire: Could you give us some details on your core team and backers behind this project?

Mr. Tuan Linh: About our Core team, we are proud to have:

Our CTO — Nguyen Khanh Duy has experience as a CTO since 2008 for various technological ecosystems. He acts as the Director of R&D at One Mount Group; his vision is to create solutions along the entire value chain focusing on financial services.

Game Designer — Nguyen Duc Hoang: Hoang is a game designer at CROS, the backbone of every game. He is a researcher and lecturer in Game Design & Development, VR Technology at PTIT, with a Ph.D. in VR Technology. Having been the CEO of Beenet Game Publisher and Coordinator with Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft, he continues to chase his life motto “turn dreams in real life into reality in virtual life” in CROS products.

COO — Tran Ngoc Thien: Over 10 years of experience in the IT industry and 3 years as a high-level manager before starting his own business, he makes the most effective company management plan to bring the best of every member’s abilities into the projects.

You can also find information about other members in our team at the whitepaper:

Our incubator is Spores Network. It is a GameFi/Metaverse launchpad and incubator. Their founders have a very strong background and are really well-connected. As an established crypto project, they have helped us with fundraising, marketing, go-to-market strategy and blockchain implementation.

Some of our investors are SVC, Exnetwork, 18Ventures, ZBS Capital, etc. They are all experienced and crypto-focused VCs, and have been with us from the start of the project. We have been lucky to have their trust and support. They provide us advice, network, and also marketing & community support.

We have also onboarded many game guilds, namely Good Game Guild, Meta Gaming Guild, Apio Gaming Guild, PathDAO and many more are in discussion. They will help us a lot with the marketing and community. Also they’re gonna be an indispensable part of the game ecosystem in the future.

Question 3

Ms. Claire: What milestones have the Ookeenga project reached and can you share with us some of your future plans?

Mr. Tuan Linh: At the beginning of July, OKG’s Genesis Cocoon was honored to be listed on Binance NFT and 6000 cocoons were sold out really fast. We are very excited and happy to have such a large number of enthusiastic supporters. On this occasion, we had a massive giveaway with Binance NFT with a total prize of up to $1500 to celebrate the first Ookeenga sale on Binance NFT.

Our Cocoon has reached #2 on Binance NFT Mystery Box Market:

- All-time trading volume: $70,000+

- 7 latest days trading volume: $30,000+ (increase by 830.35%)

For OKG community, we just finished the Minigame contest — the Grand Tournament. It is also the last Minigame season, with the total prize of up to $2,400. Thanks to everyone’s support for Forbidden Land Minigame, this final season has been more successful than we expected.

Finally, OKG Beta Version has been released for over a week now with 2 significant events: Beta Bug Bounty and Tournament, for players to experience OKG game. We want to introduce the core gameplay of the game Ookeenga, and also present high-quality visuals of the game. Everyone can join Beta without NFTs, you guys can get access to Beta at:

For the future plan, if you look at the roadmap, IDO will be released in Q3 2022, then comes the official game. Right now, our primary focus is Beta Version. We are working hard for it so the community will have the best experience while playing OKG.

Question 4

Ms. Claire: Can you provide more details of the Ookeenga INO?

Mr. Tuan Linh: Ookeenga INO offers Genesis Cocoons, which are a kind of boxes. After unboxing, you will receive the hero that is housed inside the cocoon. Each of them is unique and has a specific rarity level. There are 4 rarity levels of the Heroes sold on INO:

- Warrior: common heroes with common skills and troops

- Warmonger: uncommon heroes, about 1.5 times stronger than Warrior

- Overseer: rare heroes, about 2 times stronger than Warrior

- Chieftain: epic heroes, about 2.5 times stronger than Warrior.

Genesis Cocoons are limited and will not be obtainable in the game. Genesis Heroes are granted Exclusive Benefits compared to Standard Heroes:

- +5% all base stats

- Increase success rate in Hero Enhancement

- Reduce construction costs on Land

Question 5

Ms. Claire: Could you tell us more about the Beta version of Ookeenga? Can NFTs be playable in this version?

Mr. Tuan Linh: In our Beta, players get to experience all features of the main game & utilize fighting strategies to the best of their ability. Beta also offers a total prize of up to $7000 through 2 events: Bug Bounty and Tournament.

Bug Bounty program is for users to help us find bugs in OKG game. Users will be rewarded with a total prize amount of $2000, starting from August 1 to August 15.

About the Tournament, OKG Beta Tournament is a competition on PVE map with a total map variation of 300. You all could experience the gameplay and compete with each other to earn rewards. Beta tournament will start on August 1 to August 29 with total prizes of $5000.

In this Beta Version, you can’t use your NFTs to play. Each account will be given 10 random heroes to choose and participate in PVE. All the Heroes we give have 3 conditions:

1. The rarity for all heroes distributed through all accounts is the same.

2. 3 random heroes are Tank, Mele, and Ranger troop.

3. They all have a construction spell card.

Part 2: Details about Ookeenga

Question 1

Ms. Claire: During this bear market, What are Ookeenga unique features to stand out in a highly competitive market?

Mr. Tuan Linh: The OKG project is built with the aim of direct competition among users and brings a lot of fun and a part of the profit to the community. Instead of focusing on solving economic problems, we strive to create a product that brings as much fun as a game needs, building community and creating tournaments and events to sustain the community.

The OKG project has many features to attract players, such as:

- Breeding feature: This feature can help players breed new heroes from 2 two heroes that the players already own

- PVP feature: The arena where players can compete and show their skills against other players

- Land and farm feature: The verse of OKG. Players will own land, build territories and receive passive income resources.

In other words, OKG is where players can play and earn, not play to earn. These factors will make OKG a game in its own right, the core purpose of gaming entertainment. We should be excited to play a game, not just make money from it.

I think all of this will make OKG project stand out from the same other NFT games in space.

Question 2

Ms. Claire: How easy or simplified is Ookeenga game and how can your play-to-earn mechanism be achieved with less monetary demand? What type of audience will your games suit more (crypto or non-crypto gamers)?

Mr. Tuan Linh: OKG is built as a simple, accessible, and easy game to get used to, with simple gameplay, so you can surely understand it even though you are not a pro.

However, with so many NFT Heroes that we create, each hero will give players a different strength, and to be able to find the right strategy and way to win the battles, players will need to invest a lot of time and effort in research.

In short, OKG’s gameplay is Easy to Play, Hard to master.

Question 3

Ms. Claire: What are the goals and the long-term plan of the project? Can you share some exciting hints about the future partnership with ByteNext?

Mr. Tuan Linh: We wanted to build OKG as a brand with an ecosystem of games around those franchises. OKG project is not a short-term project but an IP with products built around that IP, or in other words, a game ecosystem with the OKG brand. It will help players truly become digital asset owners.

Our mission is to make products that would be our legacy and have loyal users along the way. People are losing their trust because of several scammers and low quality products out there. We have to work hard to prove ourselves to the world. Finding how to develop the game for the best user experience is also a challenge because we want our gamers to enjoy their time in our game.

We will bring you guys many more features to increase the excitement for users in many more years to come. Join our tribe and follow us on our social channels to update all the exciting activities in the future.

Finally, we are going to have INO sales on ByteNext with an attractive price. So stay tuned and don’t miss the chance to own your cocoon!

Part 3: Community Discussion

Question 1

Right now, a lot of games attract users on the premise of making money. It usually lacks gameplay and storytelling. What kind of gaming experience will Ookeenga bring to us? How can we apply for beta testing? What is the use case of the $OKG token in your gaming ecosystem?

Mr. Tuan Linh: We want to change the perspective of gamers about the GameFi world that it’s not always about the money when you think of web 3 games, it still can be fun and carefully produced with passion. For us, game lovers, the core purpose of gaming is entertainment. We should be excited to play a game, not just make money from it.

So, Ookeenga is an NFT game project that we created to bring players 2 central values, “Play” and “Earn”:

- With the “play”: Players will experience a highly entertaining game product, attractive gameplay, eye-catching graphics, a good storyline, and players will be involved in a world full of fantasy.

- With the “earn”: Players can not only play a game product with high art and entertainment, but players can also earn money from the game through collecting tokens and items for purchase and trading.

Apart from that, we will further develop gameplay and strategy to create a level of diversity for players in the future. From there, the players will have a particular investment more for the game, provide entertainment value and provide earn value correctly.

To apply for beta:

Step 1: Log in via this Link:

Step 2: Click on “Create new account”

Step 3: Once you fill in all the required information, you can start playing with your new account

Step 4: Check your registered email to confirm your account

Step 5: Log in with your account, then just create and enjoy the game

$OKG Token Utility: $OKG is the governance token officially used in the economic system in Ookeenga.

$OKG is mainly used for the 4 following purposes:

Staking: Holders can stake $OKG with APY level determined based on TVL (Total value lock) and current $OKG price

️ Marketplace Trading: $OKG is used for making purchases, sales, and rentals of NFTs on Marketplace

️ NFT Purchase: $OKG is used for buying limited NFTs through periodic sales

️ Events: $OKG is used to reward participants in tournaments and special events

Question 2

Who are your main competitors in this space and what makes you stand out from the rest?

Mr. Tuan Linh: The NFT market is nascent and growing at breakneck speed, and Cros Studio and other studios in the market are just trying to accelerate their growth. We don’t think we will have to define a specific competitor. Instead, we focus on doing the best for our project.

If we talk about the difference, it is possible that at the moment, the market is focusing too much on play-to-earn projects. With OKG, we want to bring a play-and-earn; we strive to bring a project with a balance between the two factors, entertainment, and finance, where players can have fun through the game and get real value, not only consider OKG as an investment project.

Question 3

Other than the Bug Report Event, is there a feature in the game in which players can recommend or share their thoughts about Ookeenga?

Mr. Tuan Linh: At this moment, we don’t have that feature in game for players to share their thoughts. But in our Community, we always listen to players’ feedback. On Discord, we have Feedback-Suggestions Channel, so we could collect all your feedback to improve OKG to be better.

Question 4

How will you attract investors and players to Ookeenga project and make them stay for a long term and How will you generate revenue for your project? Lastly, I would like to know more about the Utilities of your NFTs, apart from selling them in the Marketplace. What other use cases would they have?

Mr. Tuan Linh: OKG has the strengths of:

3D Graphics. It will increase the aesthetic quality of the playing experience to be more satisfying and enhance the value of the NFTs as well. 3D also makes it easy to expand the game to AR or VR platforms in the future. The game will be worth playing even after a long time.

Real-time Strategy: Different & more exciting than the common Turn-based RPG in the market. The team wants to upgrade the play part in the “play and earn experience” of the players. And OKG is also the first real-time strategy NFT game in the market, so it’s surely a must-try.

10+ years of experience in both traditional game and GameFi fields with deep knowledge in Web3, the game would not just be awesome for playing but also really safe, beneficial and have long time values.

All of our NFTs have their in-game values such as:

Heroes: join the battle

Cocoon: breed new hero

Land: The verse of OKG. Players will own land, build territories and receive passive income resources and many more NFT abilities that you can discover when playing. They are not just for trading but create many benefits for the gamers, so they have stable values.

Question 5

Does Ookeenga only support PC devices? Many games don’t support mobiles, which reduces the attraction of many players around the world. Will it be compatible with Android devices and also iOS ones? Will it be released first in the desktop version or mobile version?

Mr. Tuan Linh: OKG will be playable on a lot of platforms. At launch, we’ll focus on the web browser, then there will be a mobile version on iOS and Android. We are having plans for a web2 version, and it will also be released in the future.

Stay tuned with our official channels here:

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