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RECAP AvatarArt Official Launching Event

On Monday, December 20th 2021, the AvatarArt NFT Metaverse Marketplace Official Launching Event took place at D&A Living Collection, No. 489 Hoang Quoc Viet Str., Cau Giay District, Hanoi — This marks the first step in our journey towards the Metaverse Economy.


The Official Launching event consists of 4 main parts with the participation of:

  • Representatives from ByteNext: CEO Tinh Pham, CSO Nam Nguyen, CMO Uyen Pham;
  • Representative from CHỌN de I’art: Chairman Vu Tuan Anh, AvatarArt Founding Member
  • Top-tier Art Experts and Blockchain Evangelists

About ByteNext’s spearhead

AvatarArt NFT Marketplace Official Launch is the first step in the Metaverse ecosystem that ByteNext is establishing. This NFT Marketplace is the key “node” in ByteNext’s crusade.

Instead of just focusing on a certain category form of NFTs, we plan ahead to scale up with a variety of differents NFTs including: Physical Art NFTs, Digital Art NFTs and Social NFTs.

ByteNext and AvatarArt choose the most demanding NFT — physical NFT to be the spearhead so that no other challenges can stop us during our crusade towards a Metaverse economy.

Here are some features of AvatarArt:

  • Payment (BNU currency)
  • Appraisal (Choose De’art)
  • Archives (Bat Trang Archives Center)
  • Insurance (PTI Postal Insurance Company)

AvatarArt chooses to use Flow as a blockchain platform instead of Ethereum to reduce transaction costs and friendly users. Moreover, Flow is a reputable platform that supports NFTs, and it owns a thorough product testing process. Signing up on Flow only requires an email, very simple to use for users who have no experience in this field. Building an ecosystem on Flow, ByteNext wants to reduce costs for our users while maintaining the same use values.

Together with a technical team that has started in the blockchain field since 2016, ByteNext is confident with the goal of building a Metaverse Ecosystem and AvatarArt is our first step in this virtual world.

Features of AvatarArt — NFT Metaverse Marketplace

Supporting the development of different categories of NFTs, AvatarArt NFT marketplace has features supporting users to:

  • Initialize
  • Trade
  • Auction
  • Fractionalize

In addition, there is a separate work censorship process for Digital Art and Physical Art along with a full KYC mechanism and information security for users.

In the future, AvatarArt will be further promoted by a product in the same ecosystem: ByteNext Launchpad. With this Launchpad, the artworks can be divided into different parts. Now, the high barrier of expensive initial investment to collect artworks is eliminated, allowing more individuals to co-own one valuable piece they all love and help diversify personal portfolios.

Sharing from Vietnamese Artists

Joining in ByteNext’s Launching Event are the following artists:

  • Hoang Anh Tuan — Art Collector, Businessman;
  • Nguyen Cuong — Art collector, Businessman;
  • Tri Minh — Experimental and Contemporary Music Artist;
  • Le Nguyen Manh — International Performance Artist.

At the event, Collector Hoang Anh Tuan shared that “Currently, institutional private museums in Vietnam are still private, except for state-owned collections, individual collectors are often confined within the family, so to continue public access is difficult. Exchanges between collectors are also hindered as well.”

Collector Nguyen Cuong shared “Information about art works is still very limited. It takes collectors a long time to learn and find information on their own. Therefore, there is a great need for exhibitions and museums to provide faster and more information to art lovers.

And the perspective comes from the artists themselves, the painters who directly create the works of art. Painter Le Nguyen Manh: “Most of the artists work silently in small studios, they will collect their works for display. But there is a limitation that in Vietnam, it can only take place internally; therefore, it is very rare to reach the World. Usually, people are only invited to participate in creative camps and must reach a certain level. It will definitely be performed.”

Music artist Tri Minh said: “The current development is too fast. hough I have access to technology early, I still want to get closer to technology even more. I think that doing art is one thing that still needs financial motivation to promote artistic activities.”

Looking ahead

In response to the sharing of the guests, Nam Nguyen — Chief Strategy Officer of ByteNext shared more about AvatarArt’s vision:

“The diffusion in art is very important, because in art, there is altruism and humanity, so digital art requires a lot of artistic features so that the spread of that altruism and humanity connects all people together in the digital world. The virtual world is a technology that helps bring people closer, but to feel each other, to feel the soul, to communicate with each other without language.

And that is also the direction of AvatarArt to serve as an art bridge among people around the world. AvatarArt’s long-term vision is to become a place to exchange and promote NFTs for the Metaverse, not only traditional art but also all new types of art, because only a whole movement can create new awareness and ways of doing things. In the coming period, ByteNext will have many events and strategies to not only spread AvatarArt in Vietnam but also to bring artworks out to the world. The project will look to the future where all users of AvatarArt in particular and ByteNext’s ecosystem in general will be fully equipped with the tools, facilities and processes to create the metaverse. And the right to decide the direction and development is in their hands, and ByteNext will act as an incubator”.

AvatarArt Official Launching Event ended successfully

At 9:00 PM UTC+7, the NFT AvatarArt trading platform was officially launched. At the same time, the first 8 works were available for sales:

  • Maria — Nguyễn Huyến
  • Sắc Thu — Phùng Huy Bính
  • Thiếu nữ Chăm — Trương Hiếu
  • Làng bản — Phạm Văn Đôn
  • Khôn cùng — Phạm Lực
  • Nụ Hôn — Cần Thư Công
  • Cánh buồm: Trương Văn Ý
  • Những ngày giáp Tết — Mai Long

Especially, within 5 minutes, the first 8 paintings were sold with a total value of nearly $50,000. Along with that, the event also attracted 12,800 participants to watch the event, with 9,800 interactions with Livestream on Facebook Fan Page of AvatarArt and TV channel VTC1.

After this notable milestone, ByteNext will continue with the development in accordance with the highlighted plans in the roadmap.

Stay tuned to update more information about projects




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