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Welcome to the ByteNext Bounty Campaign!

The entire ByteNext team is excited to notice how fast we are nearing ByteNext IDO, scheduled to be live on June 1, 2021, on BSCStation. To celebrate our journey till this IDO and to appreciate our community for their unwavering and continued support, we have come up with the ByteNext Bounty Campaign. Users only have to increase their points by completing a few simple tasks to win $BNU tokens.

The ByteNext Bounty Campaign is an excellent opportunity for our supporters to get their hands on some $BNU tokens. Thus, we invite one and all to grab this golden opportunity to grab some $BNU tokens.

How Much Can You Win in the ByteNext Bounty Campaign?


  • Total reward pool: 2000$ worth of $BNU token
  • Reward delivery date: All the winners will receive their rewards within 7 days after the $BNU listing (Rewards will be delivered as the current market price).
  • Campaign starting date: May 23, 2021
  • Campaign closing date: May 31, 2021

Sound interesting? Then, let’s move ahead to explain how the program will work.

Rules & Requirements to Join the ByteNext Bounty Campaign:

  • Each User can win $10 worth of $BNU after collecting 100 points ( A single user can earn a maximum of 100 points).
  • Collect points by completing the tasks given by our BNU Reward Bot @BNU_Reward_Bot on Telegram.
  • For valid participation and eligibility to win the reward, you must always keep following our social media accounts, i.e., Twitter and Telegram accounts.
  • The referral program is open for users to take its benefits, but the referrals must be active and real users.

Important Note:

  • In case of not fully following or unfollowing before the ByteNext Bounty Campaign ends, you will be ineligible to claim the reward.
  • Multiple clones and fake accounts are not allowed to participate in this campaign. We will exclude those participants from our winners’ list and upcoming activities without any notice if we detect any such cases.
  • ByteNext reserves the right to stop the campaign and make the final judgment about any fraud activities to ensure the benefits for real participants without giving any explanation.

How to Join the ByteNext Bounty Campaign?

Here we have explained the process in 4 simple steps with demonstrations for a smooth and convenient entry:

  1. Go to BNU Reward Bot (@BNU_Reward_Bot) on Telegram. Make sure to check that you have accessed the right Bot.

2. Complete the tasks as suggested by the Bot and earn points. You can win a total of 3 points for completing a task.

3. Do not forget to use your referral code to invite friends to join this campaign and gain more points.

4. Once you have completed all the specified tasks, set your wallet address to receive the rewards. To earn additional points, invite friends/users who have never started BNU Reward Bot before.

For further information, you can check these options:

So, what are you waiting for? Take this chance and grab some free $BNUs before our Public Sale starts on BSCStation.

All the best!

About ByteNext

ByteNext is an AvatarArt NFT marketplace for artists that aims to build up the AvatarArt platform to support art creators worldwide to make their paintings become NFT on Binance Smart Chain, conduct auctions and transactions globally. AvatarArt provides artists with an ecosystem to make their works become NFT in order to join the exhibitions and auctions in the world. AvatarArt will be a diversified ecosystem for thousands of artists with many artworks. Auctions will take place proactively and constantly. Transactions are conducted in the most dynamic and convenient manner in order to promote and develop the painting market to a new level.

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ByteNext is a blockchain incubation hub that aims to make the Metaverse Economy a reality.

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