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Year-end Review: Taking a Look Back at our successful 2021

Q1 — Get Ready

In the initial stage of preparing for our journey, ByteNext has conquered the following goals:

1️⃣ Launch Seed and Private Sale

2️⃣ Research Binance Smart Chain, NFT and AvatarArt

As a result, we successfully completed the first goal, laying the foundation for the next ones. After that, ByteNext continued to research BSC, gradually building and developing the AvatarArt project.

Q2 & 3 — Break Through Obstacles

In the following months, as we became more certain of our direction and strategy, ByteNext set more specific goals and practically proved with increasingly small wins:

Quarter 2

1️⃣ Launch Strategic round

2️⃣ Launch Public Sale round under IDO and be listed on exchanges right after IDO

3️⃣ Launch program on staking BNU to earn NFT representing placements in 3D virtual reality space

4️⃣ Launch the NFT exchange

During this time, we also laid the foundation for cooperation with Top-Tier partners and investors, such as: X21 Digital, BlockHunter, VBC Ventures, Rage.Fan, OneBit, GamyFi, etc.

In this quarter, ByteNext team set the navigation to the Metaverse to discover whatever this new blockchain venture has yet to offer. Along the way, we reaffirmed our resolve, aligned our vision and redesigned the operation mechanism of our system, to ensure greenlight and profits for all its participants.

Quarter 3

1️⃣ Introduce the system supporting artworks, establish standard storage and preservation centers for artworks

2️⃣ Connect and set up a network of art experts and artists worldwide

Build ByteNext NFT Marketplace

Q4 — Speed Up

In the year-end period, ByteNext has received some achievements for perseverance and persistence in pursuing our goal of becoming an NFT-Centric Metaverse Incubator.


This is considered the “transformation” phase of ByteNext, with important milestones.

: As the first IDO project on BSCS, we were discussing in our team how we could deliver comfort to first-time NFT adopters who might never own a crypto wallet. ByteNext found that Flow is a perfect fit in terms of fee-less, fast, and secure transactions. All end-users will have a seamless experience when they set up their crypto wallets, requiring only their own email addresses.

Welcome the “Avengers” to the new Board of Directors: No one can deny the importance of excellent leadership, especially in the seesaw industry like Crypto. For ByteNext, during the main transition period, we are grateful to have talented leaders join us in our crusade to conquer the Metaverse.


Top 4 NFT Projects on CoinMarketCap: ByteNext trading volume has increased by more than 213% — reaching $2.66M with peak daily trading volume up to $171K.

The First NFT Client verified by Twitter in Vietnam: ByteNext was honored to be one of the first Vietnamese projects qualified for Twitter Ads regarding NFT and Crypto.

Ambassador Program: The Ambassador program managed to gather 519 ambassadors, few notable names such as Maksym — who has more than 53,100 subscribers on Youtube, or Nurik who owns a Youtube channel with more than 24,300 subscribers. Those are among our new extended community.

Airdrop: The total number of airdropped BNU is 5,800. Among approximately 3,000 participants, 150 members were rewarded with 3500 BNU for Round 1, 3300 BNU for Round 2 and 2500 BNU for Round 3.

Monthly AMA and Talkshow Series “Women In Blockchain”: On November 26, ByteNext held an AMA on Chainlink Vietnam, which was attended by ByteNext CEO Tinh Pham and ByteNext CMO Uyen Pham.

Additionally, the first episode of ByteNext original talk show streamed on Facebook enticed more than 1,000 viewers with the topic “The Tipping Points for Cryptosphere.”


AvatarArt Launching Event: This event has ended successfully, demonstrated through impressive numbers:

  • More than 13,000 interactions via AvatarArt’s fanpage and VTC channel;
  • The first 8 Physical NFTs on AvatarArt were sold out within 5 minutes, with a total value of up to 50,000 USD;
  • Keyword #AvatarArt reached Top Trending Twitter after 8 hours of release.

AvatarArt NFT Tournament: The first 3 stages attracted 32,471 participants, especially Stage 3 with total amount of entries: 2,159,165 and total completed tasks: 188,031.

Monthly AMA and Talkshow: This month, ByteNext continuously organized AMA sessions to answer questions of the community. We combined AMA organizations with strong communities in Vietnam such as VBC Groups, KTS Capital, etc. Especially, in these AMAs and Talk Shows, we also offered gifts to the audience who had good questions, as a gift of gratitude.

2022 Roadmap

Ring in the new year with a featureful ByteNext Ecosystem! What exactly?

1️⃣ Develop Yield Guild

2️⃣ Run ByteNext Launchpad

3️⃣ Offer weekly INO & multiple NFT projects

ByteNext would like to express our sincerest thanks to the partners and investors. We could not have achieved such results without the companionship from you, as well as the generous support from the community. Your trust is the motivation for us to continue our Mission towards a true Metaverse Economy.

️🥂 Happy New️ Year 🥂

We wish you health and a wonderful holiday with your family. We hope 💝 ByteNext and you” 💝 will reach other milestones together through many more years!

Stay tuned and get get more information about our projects



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