Niharika Singh
Aug 28, 2018 · 3 min read

P2P internet access is going to be an indispensable part of your life very soon. Want to know what is it? Let’s dive right in!

The internet has changed our lives forever. Even if we want to go back to the time which antedates internet, we cannot. Nearly every moment in our lives, we are engaged in some activity which requires us to connect to the internet: from talking to your loved ones and booking a cab, to talking to your employer, shopping, or simply searching for the best restaurant nearby. Not having access to the internet cuts you out of society.

In 2015, the International Telecommunication Union estimated about 3.2 billion people would be online by the end of the year. That’s nearly 50% of the world!

But if we step back and think: are we truly satisfied with the internet service we use?

Let’s go over the pain points the average user faces today.

  • Do we always use 100% of of the data plan we purchase? If we don’t, do we get our money back? No, we don’t. A lot of of us end up wasting the remnant internet bandwidth. Imagine if you could sell your unused internet to someone who needs it and get paid for it in real time? It would be your passive income.
  • Most governments promised free public wifi but did they truly deliver upon their promise? How easy is it for you to connect to a public wifi? Are they even secure? We know its a pain to connect to a public wifi, and they are certainly not even a little bit secure.
  • Even though almost everyone is using data on the go, the cost of purchasing roaming data plans is really high. And if you are mostly travelling then bills are going to skyrocket. You have to be extremely wary of using internet. Is this the kind of experience you hoped for?
  • Imagine living in a region where the government blocks internet service every now and then. As a student, your studies may suffer. As an entrepreneur, your business may suffer. As a consumer, you are denied of the service you are entitled to. In general, the economy suffers because living has come to a halt. This may happen anytime, sporadically. What can be more frustrating than that?
  • Every moment, we leave our digital trail online. Governments, organisations pine for the data. As a result, privacy at an individual level is breached. Your personal information may be used or misused without your consent. Can the user not keep some things completely private?
Earn/Save with Bytes, the future of internet sharing.

Do you face these problems? If you do, you are not alone. Someone has to step forward with a solution. To address the above mentioned pain points, Bytes fights back with its radical P2P Internet Access model based on blockchain technology.

Bytes is an open source protocol for internet access sharing. Bytes users can sell and buy internet connection in a borderless, secure, and seamless fashion. This means that you can sell your unused internet bandwidth in exchange of money.

You, as a user, do not need to understand the inner-workings of the blockchain to operate the application: it is totally user-friendly, with only two button!

Since the technology is based on Web 3.0, it guarantees service at all times. At no point of time, a user will be devoid of service upon request. Blockchain technology guarantees the internet to be neutral because on a blockchain, everyone is anonymous. The users will enjoy their internet access experience in a totally secure way. No intermediary can hop in the middle and get data generated by you until and unless you allow.

Does this sound like internet of the future? It is already here. is continuously working to engineer a solution which can deliver upon your expectations.


P2P Internet Access Trading

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P2P Internet Access Trading

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