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Kristian Freeman
Apr 19, 2018 · 2 min read

Today, I’m excited to announce Byteconf. It’s a different kind of tech conference, one that’s free and broadcast live on Twitch, so anyone on earth with a device and an Internet connection can attend.

Our first conference is Byteconf React, a two-day, single-track conference where JavaScript and React developers can learn from some of the best React developers in the world. Byteconf React will take place on August 30–31 so mark your calendars!

Conferences have a special place in my heart — they’re where I’ve been introduced to new technologies that I now use every day, and to amazing developers working on incredible projects. As a new Ruby on Rails developer in 2013, attending Heroku’s Waza conference had a huge impact: it was one of the first times I had been surrounded by a large group of fellow developers. It was inspiring and motivated me to continue down the path of being a software engineer.

But conferences can be expensive. Between travel, lodging, and ticket prices, a lot of tech conferences are inaccessible to huge numbers of people.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional developer, you should be able to attend a conference and learn from some of the best programmers and speakers in the world. Regardless of location, or economic status — being part of a community should be available to everyone. I’m trying to make that a reality with Byteconf.

Byteconf is quite different from a lot of conferences — we’re trading rows of chairs for a chat box, and HDMI cables for a live Twitch stream. It’s unexplored territory, but what I do know is that community is the most important part.

Want to attend Byteconf React? You can join the mailing list to stay up-to-date as we announce speakers, sponsors, and more. Find us on Twitter too–hope to see you there!

Are you a React developer who wants to give a talk at Byteconf React? Our Call for Papers is now open as well. Fill out our quick CFP form and we’ll be in touch!

Is your company interested in sponsoring Byteconf React? We’re looking to partner with awesome companies that want to get their products in front of a dedicated audience of React and JavaScript developers all over the world. If your company is interested, get in touch with us.

This post originally appeared on Hacker Noon.

Bytesized Code

We make developer conferences for everyone, and publish the best articles on web development, programming, and more! ✌️

Kristian Freeman

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Building @byteconf — free dev conferences for everyone.

Bytesized Code

We make developer conferences for everyone, and publish the best articles on web development, programming, and more! ✌️

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