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Bymov V0.2 easy cross-chain, easy trading and earn anytime

How to cross-chain

Step1: Connect Wallet

Before using the cross-chain, please install MetaMask and Byone first. Keep in mind to backup your wallet.

Visit -> click “MOV BAPP” button on up right corner -> click “CrossChain”

On the “CrossChain” page, click the “Connect” buttons under the MetaMask and Byone icons.

Then MetaMask and Byone will be connected to MOV.

STEP2: Bind address

When you use the cross-chain function for the first time, you need to associate your ETH address with the MOV address first, which will take a certain amount of time and consume a certain amount of gas fee to run the smart contract.

Click “Bind Address” -> Clilck “confirm”

STEP3: Mint/Redeem

You can Mint your Ethereum or ERC20 tokens from your Metamask address to Byone address.

Or you can Redeem your asset from Byone address to Metamask address.

Click “Mint” or “Redeem” — input your amount — Click “confirm”

And you can also switch to another address just by click “A” and choose another address.

Please pay attention to the final amount on the settlement page. The actual transaction amount is subject to wallet settlement.

STEP4: cross-chain completed

After you submitted your request, a snapshot will be sent back, shows the cross-chain information you applied for.

How to do stablecoin swap/trading between different stablecoins

Click “Swap” -> input amount -> confirm

Using our SuperTx V1, we can achieve loser slippage than other DEXs.

How to earn interest by simply deposit your stablecoins.

Click “Deposit” -> Click “Add Liquidty” -> Choose a pool

There is one more thing, you can deposit your stablecoin in our liquidity pool. Currently, the annual return is roughly 10–15%.



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