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Bytom Weekly Report (2020. 5. 25–5. 29)

Project Development

1, Recently, the paper “MovER: Stabilize Decentralized Finance System with Practical Risk Management” by the Bytom researcher Tom Liu was accepted by BRAINS International Conference — tech supported by IEEE and ACM.

This paper proposes a decentralized and stable financial system based on a modern risk management and evaluation system, including a collateral framework, stability mechanism, and liquidation mechanism. At the same time, risk bonds were introduced to resist the influence of the black swan. This theory fills vacancies related to risk management in the DeFi field, which means that the research work related to the Bytom is at the forefront of the industry, and it also provides a solid theoretical basis for the subsequent development of MOV.

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2, Trading competition of MOV

The third round of the trading competition is in full swing, and the first place will receive a reward of 120,000 BTM! The top 100 participants will all receive rewards, Come and participate!

Next week there will be the fourth round of the trading competition, the rewards are larger, the first place will receive a reward of 200,000 BTM.

3, CryptoDiffer AMA

At 20:30 on the evening of May 25, Bytom CEO Lang Yu was invited to participate in the AMA held by the CryptoDiffer community. The CryptoDiffer community covers blockchain project research, community services, consulting, etc. In the future, CryptoDiffer will help Bytom and MOV to distribute content and popularize the relevant knowledge of Bytom.

In this AMA, Langyu shared many visions about MOV and DeFi. The following is a review of AMA.

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4, An announcement of the partnership between OKChain and Bytom was released.

The scope of the cooperation covers the Multi-sidechains alliance, consensus nodes, MOV and OKChain related asset exchange, etc.

Specific cooperation proposal includes:

1. Multi-sidechains alliance, mutual recognition of side chain tokens, mutual participation in the governance of each other’s federal nodes, jointly designing a unified cross-link entry plan, and opening up two side chain ecosystems

2. Participate in the consensus nodes

3. Work together to improve the decentralized Multisignature market making plan and add support for OKChain

4. TSS (threshold signature) supports OKChain

5. Improve the atomic exchange of OKChain assets and MOV assets

6. Jointly establish the DeFi application credit system based on the Effective trading volume(ETV).

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Dev Report


1. The superconducting exchange framework’s API is completed;

2. Partial framework for superconducting exchange updater is completed;

3. Conducted test and upgrade of Lightning exchange V3;

4. Modify and deploy the main cross-side automatic signature machine code;

5. Blockcenter synchronizes bitcoin transaction data to the database;

6. API for creating Bitcoin single signature wallet;

7. API for creating and adding Bitcoin multi-signature wallets;

8. Unit test for generating Bitcoin single-signature address and multi-signature address;

9. Build bitcoin transaction-related codes;

13. Design Transfer duration microservice;

14. Complete the modification of OFMF’s V3 interface mode;

15. Complete the transformation of OFMF cross-exit handling fee collection and the transformation of API related interfaces;

16. The market maker commissioned the deployment of quantitative Nagios;

17. Lightning exchange upgrade v3, v3 joint debugging and deployment;

18. conduct Blockcenter K line unit test, write script and API of monitoring function;


1. The MOV data center adds new transaction types, linked screening of exchange assets, optimizes the UI, and supports access to data cache;

2. The front end of the MOV market maker data display page;

3. MOV cross-chain DApp supports cross-chain record query and cross-chain status display (BTC);

4. Increase the monitoring of the back end of the MOV data center;

5. Add unit testing and integration testing related to MOV data center;


  1. Byone v2-v3 interface upgrade, complete the main page, asset page, transaction details page, send ordinary transaction page interface upgrade;
  2. Bycoin partner upgrade to v3 version;
  3. Bycoin partner plan update;
  4. Bycoin V3 version development is completed, interface adaptation is completed, BApp adaptation is completed, and testing is completed;
  5. The development of V1.4.9 requirements is completed;
  6. Transfer duration API and superconducting exchange API;

MOV platform data

As of now, MOV cross-chain assets have reached a total of 20,921,847 US dollars, including multiple assets such as BTC / USDT / ETH / BTM.

In the past 7 days, the number of transactions data about trading on MOV reached 275,356, the number of active addresses reached 6,920, and the trading volume reached $ 2,242,261.80, an increase of 112.03%! of last week.

On April 26, Bytom released its 2020 coin burn plan. According to the plan, the Bytom Foundation will use 20% of the MOV’s profit to buy back BTM and burn these coins, so that all BTM holders share the MOV growth dividend.

for more details:

The Bytom Foundation will buy back and burn the BTM based on the public data on the chain. The publicity time for this destruction is June 3, and the monthly publicity time thereafter is also the third day of each month. The MOV protocol runs on the chain, all data is open and transparent and can be monitored by the entire community.




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