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Bytom Weekly Report (2020. 5. 4–5. 8)

Project Development

1, On the evening of May 7th, 2020, Bytom founder Chang Jia was invited by bitpie, joined a discussion with topics of “What should we do in a rapidly changing circumstances of Bitcoin”, Chang Jia indicated that bitcoin was the last stage and its story is perfect. However, it is impossible to build a flexible and DeFi ecosystem on Bitcoin. We have entered the next stage of blockchain industry. Chang Jia said that at this stage, Bytom is focusing on asset on-chain, and the new world of asset on-chain is opened through cross-chain, multi-asset staking, mapping, etc., which has never been existed on Internet. Live playback:

2, On the afternoon of May 7, 2020, the technical operations director of Bytom, Martin Zhong attended an online Summit hosted by 8btc. Martin sharing how MOV will redefine trading. He said MOV is a set of decentralized financial protocol clusters, but also a cross-chain open ecosystem based on the Bytom ‘s main chain and side chain. At present, magnetic exchange and lightning exchange have been launched, and superconducting exchange will be launched later.

At present, MOV is officially launched for more than one month, and the assets made cross-chain through MOV have exceeded 5 million US dollars. The “MOV on-chain trading competition” will also be launched in the near future. As a decentralized protocol, MOV will continuously improve the trading experience and trading richness under the premise of safety first.

3, “Cross-Chain Gift Pack” campaign is still open, the current prize pool bonus remains 470,000 BTM, and the campaign can be joined through: The event has 379 BTC, 12,660 ETH, 122817 USDT have made cross-chain through MOV. Learn how to do cross-chain and win the profit:

MOV cross-chain asset query URL:

The profit query function has been launched. At present, the champion of this Activity has already won 110,000 BTM. Click here to view your profit:

Dev Report


  1. Migrating Bytom utxo selection algorithm to OFMF’s BTC service;
  2. Automatically unlock the corresponding UTXO if the BTC transaction fails;
  3. The superconducting exchange code implements two core mathematical formulas, getD and getY;
  4. Sort out the market-making external V3 files and SDK;
  5. [OFMF] Optimize levelDB to store signed information and write to main cross-chain monitoring;
  6. [OFMF] Optimize the config module and reuse all configs in the same module;
  7. [OFMF] Optimize the signature module verification module;
  8. Modify the life cycle status of OFMF;
  9. Reconstruct the status return information returned by the OFMF API;
  10. Optimize UTXO selection algorithm of Bitcoin chain service;
  11. Complete the release of blockcenter api v3, mainly for the access of external wallets;
  12. Complete “Prometheus exporter” inside “Blockcenter avengers” for Bytom and Vapor;
  13. Migrate BApp under to;
  14. Market maker commissions system architecture design, interface design, database design;
  15. Upgrade Blockcenter to be compatible with market maker delegation;


1. MOV data center revision, layout update Bycoin;

2. Development and testing of the daily statistical interface of blockmeta mov data and going online;

3. Blockmeta mov data homepage interface development test;

4. optimization update, SEO optimization;


1. Bycoin partner plan H5 page UI, interface joint debugging;

2. Bycoin V1.4.7 related demand iteration;

3. Page optimization, Bapp adaptation;

4. Database design and interface design of Bycoin partners;



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