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Bytom Weekly Report (2020. 9. 14–9. 18)

Project Development

1, SUP is the value capture token of MOV SuperTx and an important part of MOV. SUP will have the governance power of MOV SuperTX. ) To determine the development direction of the superconducting protocol (through the proposal and voting on the protocol upgrade plan), etc.

SUP is a meaningful social experiment. Its future is determined by the community and determined by many users who own SUP. Relying on the continuous iteration and upgrade of MOV superconducting products, SUP will also reflect its great value.

2,Bytom’s founder Chang Jia and Bytom’s CEO, Lang Yu, Joined chainnode AMA at 3 pm on September 16 to talk more about SUP, MOV, liquidity mining and DeFi. How to participate in SUP liquidity mining? How to calculate the income? What are the application scenarios? Can SUP promote the healthy development of community governance? Where will the future DeFi layout of the domestic public chain go?


3, Want to know how to do liquidity mining. Here is an article how to do SUP liquidity mining throug MOV web.

Dev Report


1. The project development test of liquid mining is launched;

2. Optimize the automatic signature machine for non-BTM assets;

3. Test the automatic signature machine for non-BTM assets;

4. ETH bip32 derived public and private keys;

5. The Vapor chain in OFMF uses irreversible height for synchronization;

6. The ETH wallet updater code supports apollo configuration;

7. Blockcenter supports the code to SUP price query;

8. Deploy the SUP mining front-end and help center;

9. Blockcenter account related api refactoring, from operating the local database to calling the wallet microservice interface, and adding the missing wallet interface;

10. Liquidity mining BApp;

11. MOV WEB supports SUP;


1. MOV WEB Staking;

2. Fix ETH chain related bugs;

3. Release 2.1.0 to support the ETH main chain;

MOV platform data

In the past 7 days, the number of transactions on the MOV reached 762,455, the number of active addresses reached 9,701, and the transaction amount reached $34,874,190.73

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Create diverse assets and a programmable economy

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