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Bytom Weekly Report (2021. 5.17–2021.5.21)

Project Development

Bycoin Wallet opened the liquidity mining of three SuperTx pools at 10 am on May 16th UTC+8: SHIB-USDT, HOKK-USDT, and KISHU-USDT. It is still in progress. (The total amount of mining rewards is limited, the earlier you participate, the higher the profit.)

Bytom will collaborate with Frax, we will introduce Frax — world’s first fractional stablecoin into Bytom’s DeFi eco-system (MOV). Frax will be one of the recommended stablecoins inside MOV’s DeFi ecosystem. Bycoin (Bytom’s mobile wallet) has full access to Bytom’s products and supports all features of MOV. Download Bycoin here:

Bycoin wallet MemeCoin Lottery for new users, 521 qualified users will be randomly selected to win 10,000 SHIB, 100,000,000 HOKK, 100,000,000 KISHU for each.

New users (registered from May 21 to May 26) fill in “YYOTG8” on the activity page in Bycoin app to participate in the lottery. Download Bycoin here:

Bycoin partnership dividends (April 20-May 20) have been sent, open Bycoin app to check dividends. From August 11, 2020, all partners will receive a permanent dividend from Bycoin’s trading fee.

Download Bycoin here:

Dev Report

The BTM 2.0 consensus algorithm generates blocks normally under solonet,

State data transfer compiler layer modification scheme: copy stack, lock statement

Write BVM op to construct swap contract template;

Write BTM2.0 JAVA SDK;

BTM 1.0 to BTM 2.0 asset migration tool;

OFMF gateway supports mBTM;

OFMF gateway distinguishes gas_limit and fee_rate of different token;

OFMF summary launched the cross-chain fee interface;

Python TOP 1000 ERC20 Token icon;

Fix the problem that the transaction volume of internal transaction is too large;

OFMF web cross-chain newly added SHIB, HOKK, KISHU ERC20 token cross-chain, updated to support long list display;

New SuperTx governance status;

SuperTx v3 swap scheme design;

SuperTx Memecoin liquidity mining started;

Blockmeta2.0 block analysis module code reconstruction;

Fix the error of obtaining the price of the SuperTx data RPC interface;

Repair the SuperTx data API interface report 500 error- SuperTx pool transaction list;

Remove the implementation of application management API using security service authentication, and re-formulate the authentication scheme;

Migrate and check bycoin version API /check-update to application service;

Application service adds bycoin version management API /update-version;

Implement application service notification push API to push notifications in specific languages ​​according to the client’s locale;

The modification of the asset homepage is completed;

The cross-chain page modification is completed;

The ETH mainchain supports users to add ERC20 assets.

MOV platform data

In the past seven days, the number of transactions on MOV reached 1,139,144, the number of active addresses reached 23,075, and the transaction volume reached $37,598,626.38.


1, Join Bycoin partnership share permanent dividends

In order to promote the further development of MOV’s ecology and share the revenue with community fans, Bytom officially launched the “Bycoin Partnership, Make the Future” Community Partner Program on May 11, 2020.

To thank the community users for their continuous support, the Bycoin team extends the partner program from a limited time to permanent. From August 11, 2020, all partners will receive a permanent dividend equal to 10% of the trading fee, of which the first-level 8% of the fee and the second-level 2% of the trading fee. There is no deadline and no upper limit for dividends.



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