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Bytom Weekly Report (2021.6.21–2021.6.25)

Project Development

Introduction to Bytom 2.0 Consensus Algorithm

Bytom published “ Introduction to Bytom 2.0 Consensus Algorithm”, from the necessity, process, selection and block production process, state transition and other aspects of Bytom2.0 development, it introduces the Bytom2.0 Consensus algorithm, and found out the huge implications from the algorithm.

Bytom 2.0 Consensus Node (Block Producer) recruitment has started

Bytom 2.0 Consensus Node (Block Producer) recruitment has started. Any subject and individual that meets the selection criteria can participate in the node election and obtain node revenue.Each node can get a maximum reward (3 million BTM + trading fee dividends) every year.
Apply now:

Mixin Network announces partnership with Bytom

Mixin Network and Bytom are taking a strategic partnership to conduct deeper collaboration in market promotion, network construction, and community expansion across the world. Users are always welcome to join the vibrant communities of Bytom and Mixin Network, meet all the cryptocurrency friends, get the latest news about Bytom, and get benefits from the secure and scalable blockchain infrastructure.

Bytom 2.0 FAQ is coming soon

From June 25th, Bytom will give detailed answers to questions related to Bytom 2.0 enquired by users, uncover the mystery of Bytom 2.0, help users solve their confusion, and gain an in-depth understanding of the operating mechanism of Bytom 2.0. Everyone is welcome to ask questions, and we will answer them as soon as possible.

Submission path: Open “Bycoin”-click “Settings” -> click “Product Feedback” -> fill in feedback -> click “Send”

New SuperTx proposal draft — Sup CoinBurn Rule Update is on voting

New SuperTx proposal draft — Sup CoinBurn Rule Update is on voting. The draft aims to use half of SUP CoinBurn to buy BTM airdrops for SUP holders. Time: 6/23 UTC+8–6/26 UTC+8

Now voting👉…

Bycoin partnership dividends (May 20-June 20) have been sent

Bycoin partnership dividends (May 20-June 20) have been sent, open Bycoin app to check dividends! From August 11, 2020, all partners will receive a permanent dividend from Bycoin’s trading fee.

Download Bycoin here:

Dev Report


swap contract spelling op

Add Bytom2.0 contract registration test case modification

Bytom2.0 block_index related code modification and testing

The cross-chain plan from Vapor to Bytom2.0 is determined

Replace Bytom2.0 part of the code

Bytom2.0 interface support

The official website of Bytom node recruitment plan is online

Blockcenter 2.0

Blockcenter 2.0 Bytom transaction type determination module code writing

Address transaction analysis in the Blockcenter 2.0 Bytom block analysis module

Development of Blockcenter2.0 Bycoin service

Blockcenter2.0 oracle machine dismantled into independent warehouse

Full-node wallet

The new version of the full-node wallet is visually revised

Full node wallet advanced transaction, voting and other functional testing and bug verification.

@bytom/utils The basic structure, the skeleton is built, cli interaction, github pulls the template library, and automatically selects it according to the type.

The efficiency optimization of the asset balance statistics tool on the chain and the verification with the full node data of the vapor have been completed

Template library, initial rendering of template library, detailed completion of filling project


OFMF removes the Bytom blockchain.

OFMF single transaction is more than 50% completed

SuperTx protocol

SuperTx v3 multi-asset solution design

MOV platform data

In the past seven days, the number of transactions on MOV reached 784,031, the number of active addresses reached 7,482, and the transaction volume reached $16,929,248.19.


1, Join Bycoin partnership share permanent dividends

In order to promote the further development of MOV’s ecology and share the revenue with community fans, Bytom officially launched the “Bycoin Partnership, Make the Future” Community Partner Program on May 11, 2020.

To thank the community users for their continuous support, the Bycoin team extends the partner program from a limited time to permanent. From August 11, 2020, all partners will receive a permanent dividend equal to 10% of the trading fee, of which the first-level 8% of the fee and the second-level 2% of the trading fee. There is no deadline and no upper limit for dividends.




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