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Bytom Weekly Report (2021.7.19–2021.7.23)


Stop distribution of fixed income for Vapor consensus node

Bytom 2.0 will be launched in August as it will change from the mainchain & sidechain architecture to a unified platform. Vapor, the sidechain will gradually withdraw from history, and Bytom team will no longer maintain the sidechain, and no longer inject subsequent fixed block production rewards.

According to Bytom Foundation Consensus Node Reward Plan 2020, Vapor fixed block rewards of the year 2020 will continue until the block height: 126144000 ends (expected on 2021.08.02), and Bytom Foundation will stop fixed income distribution from the end of the day, the trading fee income will be distributed as usual. Consensus Node Reward Plan 2021.

In order to be able to smoothly turn to Bytom2.0, Bytom will start some nodes to ensure the normal operation of Vapor until users and applications are completely migrated to Bytom2.0.

(To users)

After the fixed income distribution is stopped, the user can withdraw the BTM that can cancel the vote at any time (wait for less than 21 days to vote)

(To node)

The node can decide the time to shut down the server by itself and notify the voting users. For consensus nodes, the reward distribution will stop when the block reward ends. For candidate nodes, wait for the next day’s node rewards to be distributed.

All nodes are welcome to continue participating in the Bytom2.0 node election. Successfully elected will have more generous node rewards. Click the link ( fill in the form.

Project Development

SuperTx proposal draft — Make Proposal Implementation Public is approved

On July 19, SUP community approved the proposal of the “ Make Proposal Implementation Public “ with the result of 5017.42 (78.04%): 1411.97 (21.96%).Check now:

Bycoin partnership dividends (June 21-July 20) have been sent

Bycoin partnership dividends (June 21-July 20) have been sent, open Bycoin app to check dividends! From August 11, 2020, all partners will share a permanent dividend from Bycoin’s trading fee. Download Bycoin here:

Dev Report


Summoner contract language development: code generation module development, joint debugging of compier/codeGen AST content.

Bytom 2.0 cross-chain & automatic signature machine solonet test completed

Bytom 2.0 checkpoint adds caching mechanism

Optimize the asset migration tool from Bytom1.0 to Bytom2.0

Lock the main side chain capital interface migration and replacement

Bytom/Bytom-cli build tool adds support for React SSR project construction, and adds webpack.ssr configuration file

Bytom2.0 JS-SDK development and integration

Bytom2.0 Byone interface docking

Blockcenter 2.0

Blockcenter 2.0 Updater Block Keeper

Test environment test, modify the relevant code in response to the problems encountered in the test environment

Added API and Client for submitting transactions and obtaining non-rollback height

Blockmeta 2.0

Blockmeta2.0 is rewritten as a functional component as a whole

Bytom2.0 official website

The Bytom2.0 official website completes the new version of UI components, completes the UI styles of the homepage, wallet page, discovery page, and ecological page, and adds fullscreen switching animation to the homepage.


OFMF 2.0 entrance development and testing.

Mobile terminal

Bycoin v2.5.1 partial page optimization

Bytom 2.0 supports Tycoin development, interface debugging, page adaptation

Bytom 2.0 API interface docking

MOV platform data

In the past seven days, the number of transactions on MOV reached 647,802, the number of active addresses reached 5,999, and the transaction volume reached $ 9,330,784.50.


1, Join Bycoin partnership share permanent dividends

In order to promote the further development of MOV’s ecology and share the revenue with community fans, Bytom officially launched the “Bycoin Partnership, Make the Future” Community Partner Program on May 11, 2020.

To thank the community users for their continuous support, the Bycoin team extends the partner program from a limited time to permanent. From August 11, 2020, all partners will receive a permanent dividend equal to 10% of the trading fee, of which the first-level 8% of the fee and the second-level 2% of the trading fee. There is no deadline and no upper limit for dividends.



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