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Bytom Weekly Report (2021.8.16–2021.8.20)

Project Development

Bytom 2.0 mainnet has been launched

Bytom 2.0 mainnet has been launched. Together in Bytom 2.0, the new era is coming! More details on Bytom 2.0 Website:

Bytom 2.0 pre-campaign

Ready for the #Bytom 2.0?$1000 BTM to Giveaway!
1.Join… and… 2. Follow @Bytom_Official and @MOV_Network & Retweet & Comment, tag 3 friends 3. Fill in google form:…

Bycoin supports Bytom 2.0 upgrade & token swap

Bycoin supports Bytom 2.0 upgrade & token swap! Download Bycoin wallet to help you migrate assets! (Bytom Foundation will switch over to Bytom 2.0 mainnet at block height of 709,660)

Mixin Network to join Bytom 2.0 global node ecosystem

Excited to announce Mixin Network will join Bytom 2.0 global node ecosystem to provide users with secure and trustworthy node services! Together we can be stronger, come and join us!

Bytom2.0 Community Call

Our Bytom2.0 Community Call ended, we have 53 participants during this call. We are more than happy to communicate with our community. The recap video of this call will be uploaded to our Youtube Channel when it’s ready to post.

Bytom 2.0 Explorer has been updated

Bytom 2.0 Explorer has been updated! View now:

Bytom Assets Migration in Bycoin Completed

Bytom Assets Migration in Bycoin Completed! Please pay attention to assets update.

BTM/SUP related function recovered in Bycoin

BTM/SUP related function has been recovered in Bycoin!

Download Bycoin ( to view more.

Bycoin 2.5.2 version is now live

Bycoin 2.5.2 version is now live! 1.Support Bytom 2.0 2.Add account system 3.Support node staking votes 4.Bugs fixed and performance improved
Download Bycoin (

Dev Report


Bytom2.0 full node adds the integration test of the registration contract function

Bytom2.0 bug fix and test

Bytom1.0 to Bytom2.0 asset migration

Bytom2.0 launches related front-end business deployment switch, bug fix

Bytom2.0 contract

Summoner contract language development: codegen basic operation bugfix, complete instruction set description

Assist in testing the registration contract function


Deploy a 2.0 gateway on the testnet and test the entry of btc (the entry and exit of eth, dot have been tested last week)

Complete the summary interface, the local test is successful


Byone test completed

Voting test completed

Cross-chain test completed

Each MOV business supports the new version of Byone


Bytom1.0 mainchain Blockmeta migrated to

Adjustment before Blockmeta 2.0 goes live


Deploy Bycoin Bytom2.0 official environment

Bycoin v2.5.2 released

Use tools to create Bycoin Bytom2.0 wallets for Bycoin Bytom1.0 wallet users in a formal environment

Add account system

Optimize user experience

MOV platform data

In the past seven days, the number of transactions on MOV reached797,668, the number of active addresses reached 2,128, and the transaction volume reached $ 22,721,413.53.



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