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Bytom Weekly Report (2021.8.23–2021.8.27)

Project Development

Video for Bytom 2.0 community call

We shared a brief introduction of Bytom 2.0, community notion workspace, and answered questions from our community.

Bytom community notion workspace:

Video on Youtube:

Bytom 2.0 airdrop has been distributed

Good news for you! Bytom 2.0 airdrop has been distributed! Winner List:
Check rewards on Bytom network in the latest version of Bycoin!

Bytom 2.0 Plan: 96804830 BTM was burnt

Bytom 2.0 Plan: 96804830 BTM was burnt. 96804830 BTM (worth $8.3 million) from Buyback in 2017 was burnt according to Bytom 2.0 WhitePaper.
Buyback address: bm1q2kjgwd733tfxfcl8ny4hdfpge0l5lhp7adhgcfpy5ljxc2utvk0qmp0n42
CoinBurn hashrate:

FAQ for Bytom 2.0 in Bycoin

We collect frequently asked question (FAQ) in Bycoin from users after Bytom 2.0 miannet launch. More details:

BTM assets on Bycoin Sidechain address have received 1:1 BTMC

BTM assets on Bycoin Sidechain address have received 1:1 BTMC! Please check it on Bycoin Sidechain. Download Bycoin (

Bytom2.0 has completed security audit by SlowMist

Bytom2.0 has recently passed the security audit of the well-known security company SlowMist Technology, and a complete audit report has been released.

As a public chain, the security of the infrastructure is the top priority. The scope of this audit includes all code layer audits at the underlying Bytom 2.0 blockchain. More details:

Dev Report

Asset migration

Vapor BTMC asset migration

BTMC Asset migration in Vapor SuperTx Pool

Bytom 2.0 contract

Function parameter passing and local variable analysis

Assignment statement bugfix

builtin function op combination generation


Increase the staking return rate, 24h staking amount on the homepage, increase wallet entry, data adjustments

Fix the bug of online retire parsing address

Modify the type of UTXO table and add state_data data

Increase transaction output type retire

Modify the staking annualization API

Added an interface for querying the pledge deposit amount based on the time range

Add Prometheus monitoring API


BTMC cross-chain code writing, testnet tested.

Add cross-chain transaction list interface

Cross-chain module API interface update and adaptation, support BTM2.0 cross-chain


BTMC Symbol display compatible changes

ETH block explorer query link modification

Table display optimization on asset homepage

Dashboard information confirmation page-the value is divided into thousandths

Sidechain-Transfer-Select Asset List-Assets that are not displayed as 0

Increase direction display on cross-chain pages

MOV platform data

In the past seven days, the number of transactions on MOV reached 591,315, the number of active addresses reached 8,950, and the transaction volume reached $ 9,346,833.35.



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