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Bytom Weekly Report (2021.9.13–2021.9.17)

Project Development

We are thrilled to announce that 100 million BTM tokens already staked! Bytom 2.0 adopts PoS+BBFT consensus mechanism to maintain the blockchain network by staking from consensus nodes.

Since the launch of Bytom 2.0, consensus nodes have worked hard to operate and maintain nodes for block generation, and users have also actively participated in node staking to obtain rewards. Come and become Bytom 2.0 Block Producers, and getting block reward and trading fee dividends:

Bytom Foundation to prolong staking withdrawal duration from 1 day to 21 days when block height reaches 432000 (21: 00 9/19 2021 UTC+8). More details about Staking:

The upcoming Bytom NFT platform will be the world’s first NFT marketplace that equiped with Radical Market mode. All NFTs or crypto Collectibles are on sale, they will be sold once the new bid reach the price, no matter the owner agree to sell or not, thus greatly improving the liquidity for NFT. We look forward to seeing you in the our NFT space!

CryptoDiffer is a blockchain analysis channel has 220,000 Twitter followers. We are currently communicating with the foundation about the establishment of the node, please stay tuned for relevant announcements and updates.

Bytom global team is implementing operations related to global users. This week, Russian community released the article “Why Bytom”. At the same time The team is preparing for Africa Meetup.

Click to view article “Why Bytom”:

Bytom global team often receives suggestions from overseas community users to form a content team to facilitate users’ communication and content dissemination. This proposal is that the operation team pays particular attention to and the team will deploy work in the near future.If you are interested, you can join our Discord and Telegram




Dev Report

Local variable index op generates bugfix

Compilation print immediate data big and small end conversion and completion

Global state variable function added

Write NFT platform framework code

Determine the database table structure of the NFT platform

Write NFT API framework code

New common basic UI components for Slide, Card, Avatar, NFT, Upload, AssetSelector

Complete the homepage, NFT minting page UI

Optimized the Transaction structure: delimiting derived and non-derived boundaries

Add the function of block height and address transaction information to MQ

Websocket gateway

Modify the Handler function of MQ messages

Modify the connected account structure

Added API to support the toolbar function on the homepage of Bycoin multi-chain wallets

Bycoin Bytom adds client SDK to support the construction of advanced transaction functions

The new version of Bycoin wallet creation process is completed

New UI basic component package

Webpack5 supported, add local cache, remove react-hot-loader and use react-refresh instead, better support hot update of react hooks

Test of Bycoin hub service

Panic problem fixed of BTMC mining pool

MOV platform data

In the past seven days, the number of transactions on MOV reached 746,807, the number of active addresses reached 717, and the transaction volume reached $ 11,331,649.97.



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