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Come and Become Bytom 2.0 Block Producers!

Introduction: Bytom 2.0 Global Node (Block Producer) election has started. Institutions or individuals can sign up through a page link and participate in the development of Bytom 2.0.

Application link:

Bytom 2.0 Block Producer global recruitment has a significant influence on Bytom blockchain itself, and it also has a positive effect on users. As a Block Producer, it can not only also Bytom ecology, and but also gain bookkeeping reward, contribution rewards, and fund rewards.

What is Consensus Node (Block Producer)?

  • The Consensus Node is responsible for block production and verification of Bytom 2.0, it is also responsible for maintaining the normal operation of the blockchain and protecting the underlying network security
  • Bytom 2.0 has a total of 10 Block Producers, and each Block Producer produces block in turn, one block every 6 seconds
  • Block Producers can get block reward and trading fee dividends, and there will be up to 30 million BTM as block award every year

Recruitment timeline

Recruitment starts — → registration and review — → node canvassing — → publicity — → Consensus Node participating in testnet testing — → mainnet launch voting — → getting the vote to officially become a Consensus Node

Conditions for becoming a Block Producer

  • Candidates must stake at least 1,000,000 BTM, the BTM is for breach of contract as PoS punishment. If the BTM reaches 0 because of evil deception, the candidate will lose the qualification (even if the number of votes is in the top 10);
  • You should have your own servers, Block Producer operation and maintenance technologies that can run Block Producers (please refer to the detailed rules below for specific software and hardware requirements);
  • A certain scale of community users will be priority;
  • Those who have contributed a lot of Bytom ecosystem will be priority;
  • Previously being sidechain Block Producer or candidate Block Producer will be priority;

Bytom 2.0 Block Producer reward

Each node can get up to 3 million BTM reward + trading fee dividends every year.

Take 100 million BTM staking as an example:

A Consensus Node invests 1 million BTM in 2022 and gets 8 million BTM votes at the same time. If the proportion of profit dividend of this node is 80% for voters and 20% for nodes, the annual profit of the Consensus Node is 600000 BTM, with 60% APR (BTM standard).

How to apply

Click the link ( fill in the form or log in to Website ( navigation bar Bytom 2.0 to enter the application page.

Learn more about Bytom 2.0 on Bytom Medium.



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