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Emerita Capital has now joined Bytom’s sidechain (Vapor) node campaign

Emerita Capital has now joined Bytom’s sidechain (Vapor) node campaign

Brief introduction of Emerita Capital

Emerita Capital is an independent financial research firm based in San Francisco, specializing in Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence.

Emerita Capital had the first communication with Bytom Foundation in August this year. In the subsequent online meetings between the two parties, the two parties exchanged the latest developments and trends in their respective fields.

How Emerita Capital met Bytom?

Emerita Capital began to pay attention to Bytom in 2017, Emerita Capital expressed its willingness to introduce more traditional financial resources for Bytom, introduce Bytom products to more local investor communities, and make certain contributions to Bytom’s western ecology and content.

Bytom Foundation introduced the ecosystem of Bytom, including Bytom mainchain, sidechain, enterprise blockchain Bystack, DeFi protocol MOV, and related patents and advantageous technologies ( For example Threshold signature, optimized AMM(Automated Market Maker Algorithms, cross chain, leading the related technologies such as the IEEE Standards Working Group and etc).

After several communications, Emerita Capital found that it is very compatible with Bytom’s ecosystem and products in many aspects, and Emerita is willing to join the Bytoms’s sidechain (Vapor) node campaign to contribute to Bytom’s western market and operations. Bytom Foundation will give Emerita Capital with corresponding support like community-building, as well as the introduction and popularization of ecological products with corresponding technical and operational support.

The meetings were held by Gabriel Rojo (, founder of Emerita Capital) and Charles Wu ( Western Operations Manager of Bytom).

Brief introduction of Gabriel Rojo:

Gabriel Rojo is the founder of Emerita Capital. Gabriel Rojo is an engineer & executive with deep expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Volatility models for investment management. He is one of the founding partners of the first Blockchain ETF (NYSE: BLOK), with $122 million in assets under management as of September 30th, 2020. Previously Gabriel led technology products in several Silicon Valley companies, including Cisco Systems and Quinstreet Inc. Before coming to San Francisco, he ran a digital marketing company in Europe that used machine learning to create content for advertisers.

Gabriel holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Science, an MBA from UC Berkeley, and graduated from the Stanford Executive Program.



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