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How to use SuperTx swap in Bymov (V0.3)

This is the earlier version(V 0.3) of MOV web, in this version it contains three features:

1, Support stablecoins and BTC, ETH, BTM (SuperTx),

2, Deposit earn interest (by adding liquidity to the pool) and

3, cross-chain

Here is the instruction

1, Visit and click “MOV BAp” on the upright


2, You can see currently Bymove(0.3) supports three main functions: swap, deposit, and cross-chain.

3, Before we use these features, we have to add two chrome-extension wallets, Byone and MetaMask.


Download Byone from or directly search in chrome webstore:


Download Metamask from / or chrome webstore:


4, How to do Swap

Swap or deposit to the liquidity pool (Lower fee and slippage than many other DEXs)

Step 1: If you already have Stablecoins or BTC, BTM, ETH in Byone’s Vapor address(Vapor is high-speed Bytom's sidechain)

You just need to go to “Swap” page and click the “Connect Wallet” button on the upright corner of the web page.

If you don’t have any Stablecoins or BTC or ETH in Byone’s Vapor address. Then go to Step 2

Step 2: You need to Mint your ETH or Stablecoins to MOV (Vapor sidechain address)

bind address-input your amount - confirm the cross-chain.

And then follow Step 1 to complete SuperTx Swap.



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