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IEEE Identity Key Management Working Group (Third Meeting)

On the afternoon of November 27, 2020, Bytom held the third online meeting of the IEEE Identity key management (IKM) working group. Firechain Technology, Changhong, Math Wallet, Zhongke Fuyun, China ZheShang Bank, Hyperchain, Haier, and other members participated in the discussion.

At 2:00 pm, Bytom’s CEO and working group chairman Lang Yu announced the start of the meeting and introduced the agenda of the meeting, minutes of the last meeting, patent and intellectual property declarations, etc. Lin Haoyu, the core developer of Bytom, introduced the latest standard work progress of the technology.

During the meeting, Deng Mimi from Changhong discussed security issues such as the leakage of mnemonic words, and Zhao Wenqi from Firechain Technology asked questions about the restrictions on the standard for key generation details. Zhou Hanhai from Beijing Public and Ease Union believed that the standard should not be too detailed and should leave some space for tech upgrading. Lin Haoyu (Bytom’s core developer) answered questions and shared his ideas about the plan of this IEEE standard.

At the end of this meeting, all members planned the next meeting and the follow-up research work on the standard. The next meeting is planned to be held in one month.

The attendees of this meeting (in no particular order)



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