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Insight into Revolutions of Bytom 2.0 (3): New Platform

We have published two previous articles, if you have not seen kindly make out some time to read the short articles:

New Platform means a new smart contract platform and a new developer ecological platform.

In fact, the PoW consensus has set thresholds for developers in the era of DeFi, but in the future, Bytom blockchain will be compatible with the Ethereum contract system.

According to the Bytom 2.0 WhitePaper, the new blockchain will implement EVM/eWASM and other mainstream virtual machine architectures on the basis of UTXO account model, which makes most of the DeFi applications, ecosystem components and tools on Ethereum compatible with the Bytom 2.0, and can be implemented on the Bytom blockchain without modification or small changes.

This greatly reduces the learning cost of developers and the cost of migrating applications. So as to greatly accelerate the growth of the developer ecology and increase the diversity of the Bytom application.

Actually, from the perspective of the development of public chain in 2020, it is a major trend for developers and protocol applications in different ecosystems to implement two-way interoperability. For example, BSC and Heco, constrained by the performance of Ethereum, have taken on a large number of head-end DeFi applications, seized the opportunity of Ethereum’s DeFi overflow and prosperity, which has proved an effective path for the development of public chain in DeFi field.



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