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MOV SuperTx community governance BApp officially launched!

On Oct 26th, MOV SuperTx community governance BApp was officially launched. Now all SUP holders have the right to participate in SuperTx community governance.

This can be accessed via the MOV SuperTx governance page:

or you can use the Bycoin wallet( and enter via the BApp page to participate.

If you hold more than 1000 SUP tokens, you can issue a proposal and the threshold for voting is 0.1 SUP. Proposals include listing/delisting from the SuperTx liquidity pool, governance goals of SuperTx, trading fees, etc.

Once you issue a proposal, your SUP token will be locked for 240 hours, so take care of your rights. Please note that voted SUP won’t be locked, we will take a snapshot for all addresses when the vote count period ends and you can vote according to the amount of the snapshot.

Government rules:

How to issue proposal?

  1. Open governance page:, authorize walle application;

2) Check the rules before issuing a proposal including lock, count and vote.

3) Enter SUP SuperTx governance proposal page, fill theme and content. Please express your proposal clearly or your proposal may not be successfully audited.(Whether or not your proposal passes, your 1,000 SUP will still be locked for 240 hours)

4) Check proposal details again, confirm and issue your proposal. Your proposal will be audited within 48 hours and the MOV team will release the results.

5) All proposals and their status (voting, counting, auditing, closure, rejection) are transparent.

How to vote?

1)Click the link( enter SuperTx government page, authorize walle application and choose voting proposal.

2) Vote yes or no according to proposal contents. On the vote page, you can see the proposal voting time, voting amount and rates for yes/no.

3) You can vote other proposals after finishing your proposal, your SUP won’t be locked.




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