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SUP governance proposal — Open trading pair listing in SuperTx protocol (translation of real proposal on SuperTx governance webpage)

This article is the translation of the governance proposal submitted by the SuperTx development team:

This proposal will propose a SuperTx new coin/token listing program, which aims to:

1. Standardize the SuperTx coin/token listing process

2. Release the coin/token listing rights to the community

3. Make the new liquidity pool have more competitive liquidity

4. Motivation to provide a new value capture mechanism for SUP

SuperTx coin/token listing is a very important part of SuperTx governance, but the current listing process has certain shortcomings:

-The threshold for listing proposals is high, and the process of listing proposals has not been affected. Standardization has led to many non-standardized listing proposals and low efficiency in introducing high-quality assets into the MOV ecosystem;

-After listing, the liquidity of trading pairs cannot be guaranteed, and it is difficult to attract relevant token transactions through competitive services;

-The current listing process cannot enable SUP to form an effective value capture (only the proposer will lock SUP for a short time).

In order to solve the above problems and help SuperTx development and SUP value growth, this proposal is hereby submitted.

The specific implementation of the plan requires the development of an independent coin/token listing governance module to achieve it.

The specific process is as follows:

1. The coin type that the community proposes to list — the initiator chooses a token called “ABC” (just for example, not a real “ABC” token) to be listed on SuperTx (the SuperTx development team provides a list of recommending tokens/coins, Such as high-quality ERC20 tokens)-The initiator deposits “ABC/SUP” according to the real-time exchange rate. If the deposited SUP exceeds 20, the voting for listing “ABC” will be automated start.

2. After the voting of token listing start, SUP holders can deposit tokens and vote- SUP holders who submit “ABC” listing can deposit “ABC/SUP” in the liquidity pool according to the proportion of the initiator’s deposit. Depositing coins will be also counted as voting votes.

3. Open and close trading pair-The trading pair will be open if the deposit in the liquidity pool exceeds 1000 SUP; before the liquidity pool opens the trading pair, according to the real-time exchange rate,

some of the “ABC” or “SUP” in liquidity pool will be returned to owners to ensure the correct ratio of the liquidity pool, the liquidity pool trading pair will be closed when the SUP in the liquidity pool is less than 1000;

After the liquidity pool closes the trading pair, the user can access the “ABC/SUP”-SUP quantity threshold according to the exchange rate when the trading pair is closed (that is, the 1000 SUP requirement for opening the trading in this proposal) will be adjusted appropriately according to the change in the SUP price. If it is higher, the SUP quantity threshold will be appropriately lowered. Advantages of the proposal.

Through this listing process, the SuperTx protocol will achieve:

-The decentralization of listing rights, while enhancing the value capture ability of SUP

-SUP holders will be more inclined to list and hold their own For some currencies, voting is more relevant

-the online trading pair has good initial liquidity, attracts traders, and promotes the increase of SuperTx trading volume

-the SuperTx development team can talk to other projects through the currency channel Cooperation and business expansion

\-The SuperTx team uses operational activities to attract communities from other projects to vote for listing



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