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SuperTx — Trade BTC, ETH, BTM and win Total 200,000 BTM reward

Want to learn how to do SuperTx on Bymov(V0.3)?

Please check this article.

Activity time

• August 31, 2020 11:00:00 (UTC +8) — September 7, 2020 23:59:59 (UTC +8)

Rule of activity:

• This event only supports BTC, ETH, BTM;

  • In Bycoin/Mov web, if you complete valid trading with a value higher than 100 USD through SuperTx trading, you will be eligible to have the chance to win;

• The value of BTC, ETH, and BTM is according to 9:00 AM (UTC +8), 31 August

  • Bytom Foundation will take the hash value of the last block of Bytom blockchain at 12:00 PM (UTC +8)on September 8, 2020, and by comparing this hash value to the hash value of User’s trading transaction. If there are more same digits between the two hash values, then the user has more chance to win the reward.
  • If no one wins the first prize, the second prize winners will get 80,000 BTM; if no one wins the first or second prize, the third prize winner will share 20,000 BTM.)

Detailed rules for hash values comparison

  • Filter the letters from the end of the hash value to get a string of numbers as the Lucky number;

For example, The hexadecimal hash value is:


Filter out the letter part: 0000000000000000000847959854442167383012672550700

So the lucky number is 550700.


1. The reward will be distributed to the User’s Wallet address within three working days after the end of this activity;

2. The user’s awards are not superimposed, and the highest award shall prevail. For example, users who have won the first prize cannot participate in the division of the second and third prizes;

3. Cryptocurrency trading is an innovative trading product, please make rational judgments and make decisions prudently;

4. The final interpretation right of this event belongs to Bytom Foundation.



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