Podlediad efo isdeitlau / A podcast with subtitles

I don’t speak Welsh. I read it, and write in it occasionally and listen on the radio and television with a little success, but I don’t speak it because I don’t have the opportunity. Following a chat with Hannah Roberts, I thought to make the opportunity.

The chat I had with Hannah Roberts was at the Eisteddfod. She was interviewing people for a podcast at the Menter Iaith stand. She explained that it’s easy enough to make a podcast these days, with recording, editing on a computer and then uploading to Soundcloud and letting them handle the hosting.

I have been looking at podcasting hosts for work, so I’ve been round and round looking at what’s available, but I’ve settled with Soundcloud and had a go with a quick thing on complaints about reintroductions of pine martens. There’s a transcript in Welsh and English on the Soundcloud page, but there should also be something extra.

There are comments embedded in the timeline. On Twitter and Soundcloud the comments are bit more visible than they are here. It does mean I can add short notes over problem words, so learners can see the Welsh and English, and Welsh speakers can see what word I’ve mangled.

I’m not expecting (m)any listeners, but the process of making the recording is practice in speaking. Understanding how to speak will, I hope, help me listen better too.