A startup’s secret weapon in challenging times

It is entirely possible that product sales in early days may not reflect your expectations. But what to do if you still 100% believe in the product and it’s value?

Hustle. Experiment. Have a ‘get shit done’ attitude.

A startup’s biggest weapon is its ability to get a lot done with very little, and moving fast. Use that weapon. Experiment on product features, marketing, messaging, channels, pricing…a startup can experiment, and be bold, in ways an incumbent simply cannot.

Chances are also that not just the founders and the top management, but entire company might be feeling a bit anxious (possibly nervous). If you and your investors are still believers, take that anxious energy and channel it into creativity. Discover their ideas and add to the mix.

At the end of the day customers decide your success, but customers also often operate with little data and biases built by incumbents’ marketing. It’s an opportunity for you to challenge those and break through. Do more, do often, do it with less. 👊🏽