Edge Computing: the end of cloud computing as we know it

Just watched a great overview of Edge Computing by Peter Levine of A16Z. He is absolutely right, this is the future of computing. And all of us investing in deeptech today can attest that this massive shift in computing paradigm is happening as we speak.


Many of our portfolio companies at Lux are both enabling edge computing, and also benefitting from it. And it happening across all sorts of industries, from traditional IT and mobile computing, to consumer tech, commercial & industrial verticals, and even government/military.

These are some of the key elements of an edge-cloud computing system.

  • Distributed and ubiquitous sensing — low cost sensors that are also low power hungry and internet-connected via proprietary or open protocols.
  • Cheap (and usually solid state) data storage
  • Local processing + real-time compute, utilizing latest advances in ML and AI.

This shift to edge computing is easily observed in emerging platforms like autonomous car, commercial and consumer drones, physical security and anti-terrorism systems, home automation systems, responsive consumer electronics, and/or AR/VR systems. It is starting to emerge also in medical devices and wearables, in order to provide more real-time analysis, inference, and support in critical decision-making.

As Peter points out, this field presents new challenges & opportunities for technologists and entrepreneurs. From massive networking challenges to network and data security at such distributed scale, development of low power GPUs/FPGAs, power management systems and advanced batteries…to name a few.

I am excited for all our portfolio companies hat are at the cutting edge of this. From Hangar and AIRMAP to HappiestBaby, Zoox, Drone Racing League, Survios, AltSpace, Evolv, Cala, AIRA, Isocline, CYPHY Works, Sonic Sensory, LightForm, Latch, Locoroll, Auris and so many others…

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