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Remembering 2017. And Wishing Startups a Successful 2018.

This is not a “Predictions for 2018” list. In fact, given how crazy and idiosyncratic 2017 has been I am starting to believe more and more in Yogi Berra’s timeless observation: “‘It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future”. Besides, VCs are generally better known for re-writing history to fit narratives than truly being able to predict the future.

As I spent the last few days thinking back about 2017, these things emerged as most defining for me:

  • TRUMP — We are living in the fake-news era. 2017 feels like a blur when I stop to think about politics in our country. It feels like we kept fighting one crisis after another. It was difficult to figure out what news was real and what was fake, especially so because real people with real power decided to spread fake news as much as the Russian bots. At a higher level, I am unsure how this administration thinks an anti-immigrant, anti-science, anti-entrepreneur, and anti-globalization America is good for our economy and global influence. It is certainly not helpful to startups, esp deeptech startups, that have a very diverse employee base, and are addressing global markets + competition.

Possibly the most exciting aspect of my job is the time I get to spend with entrepreneurs who are on a mission to make the world a better place — solving real, practical, important problems — and all the while creating tremendous value for themselves, their employees and their shareholders. I was fortunate that 2017 brought a lot of successes, and some failures — each taught me how to become a better investor and a better partner to the entrepreneurs that have chosen to join the Lux family. I have promised myself to learn more as a VC in 2018, and in the process I hope to meet amazing entrepreneurs who will want to partner with me. Best wishes in 2018.

p.s. disclaimer: existing Lux portfolio companies are in bold.



I am an early stage VC, partner at Lux Capital. I am attracted to startups that solve real, practical problems with technically ambitious solutions. Passionate about tech, entrepreneurship and social good. I like tacos and café lattes.

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Bilal Zuberi

Partner at Lux Capital. Investing in entrepreneurs inventing the future. I like tacos and café lattes. bz at @bznotes