Trump’s game — is actually pretty simple.

1/ Trump has no intelligent long term game plan. He is in fact getting played by those around him, and he’s fine with it as long as he gets what he wants out of it. It is no joke that a foreign head of state is doing twitter diplomacy with him on a critical national security matter, and including Trump’s children in the tweet to curry their favors. Either Trump doesn’t even realize he is getting played, or seems quite Ok with it. Both scenarios are alarming for US interests.

2/ His general modus operandi is rather simple, and predictable. It is to make an extreme assertion. A POV so ridiculous that others would laugh at first…

3/ …then start a negotiation. And hopefully end up somewhere in the middle. But middle would be so far away from opponent’s POV, he can declare victory.

4/ As this bully takes office, and sycophants around him learn his trick of the trade, we better learn to fight back without giving in.

5/ This would be important in fights across the spectrum.

6/ For example, he calls for deporting all illegal immigrants. Don’t let him settle for 1, 2 or 3 million deported.

7/ He calls to register all Muslims. Don’t let him settle for a registry for Muslim immigrants and/or visitors.

8/ If he calls to abolish the EPA and its important work in fighting climate change, don’t let him settle by giving up CO2 as a pollutant.

9/ If he calls for US to abandon the UN and defund its programs, don’t let him settle by giving up human & refugee rights in the Middle East. People’s rights matter.

10/ I can go on and on, across the spectrum…Let’s hope we have leadership that recognizes this and knows how to fight an ignorant bully.