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We will overcome this.


As a child I used to sometimes wonder what World Wars looked like? People in every country dead/injured? Repurposing of factories to build war goods? Conscription?

In that context, what’s happening TODAY is so absurd! I never wanted to be in a world war. But here we are. 🤯

Billions of people are in quarantine SIMULTANEOUSLY. Think about that.

War sirens might be missing but the entire world is surely at war. People are scared to come out because they think they might catch the infection, or pass it to someone who might die because of it.

Medical staff is operating in some places in makeshift hospitals and tents.

Americans are repurposing factories, collecting mask/glove donations from individuals.

Pakistanis are calling Azaans/prayers at 10pm to invoke God.

Europeans are singing from balconies to get peoples’ morale up. 😲

There may be no enemy to negotiate with this time. But we will win. There is just no other way.

It will take patience, it will take sacrifices, and it will take time.

But what is desperately need good is leadership and direction — one that can not only unite this nation against this enemy, but the rest of the world as well.



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