Who will own my ‘driving’ time

I was in Menlo Park and had an event to attend in SF. I pulled out my phone, turned on the GPS (which I frequently turn off to save battery), opened the Uber app, ordered an UberX, and kept staring at that screen for the next 2 minutes or so until the car arrived.

But then a funny thing happened. As soon as I got into the car, I turned off the GPS again and shut down the Uber app. That was it. I continued using other apps to catch up on news and my social network for the approximately 45 minutes drive.

That seems like such a lost opportunity for transportation apps like Uber. This could be an even bigger loss cumulatively when we all get access to self-driving cars. Who will ‘own’ our driving time that we today spend actually driving the car and engaging in rather non-interactive activities like listening to the radio. Will car be a platform for much more than transportation? Communication, information, connectivity, entertainment, meditation, business?

Unfortunately I don’t have answers…but an amazement at the world my kids will likely grow up in.

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