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The Alpha Team, the driving force behind the BZE project, is excited to announce our latest initiative: “Validating Promising Projects.” This recurring item on our roadmap demonstrates our commitment to decentralization and our aim to support promising projects in the blockchain space.

Becoming Validators for Other Chains

The core of this initiative involves the Alpha Team hosting validators for other promising and developing blockchain projects. By acting as validators, we will earn commissions from the rewards generated on those networks. These commissions will be utilized to purchase BZE and either burn it or allocate the funds towards achieving various goals for the BZE project.

The Importance of Delegating Coins to BZE Community Validators

We encourage our community members to delegate their coins to “BZE Community” validators on different networks. Doing so will not only help support the BZE project but also strengthen our ecosystem. The more coins delegated to BZE Community validators, the greater our presence and impact within the Cosmos ecosystem. As strong players in this space, we can increase our gains and, in turn, direct more funding towards the BZE project, all while supporting projects with promising visions.

Commission and Decision-making Process

The commission rates we set for validating different networks will depend on various factors, such as the number of existing validators, the commission rates within that specific community, and other network-specific considerations.

A Vote for Trust

Our decision to validate a particular network is, in essence, a vote of trust. We want to identify and endorse networks that deserve attention, providing a mark of trust for our community members and anyone who believes in our vision. By validating promising projects, we aim to foster a collaborative environment that benefits both BZE and the wider blockchain ecosystem.

The “Validating Promising Projects” initiative showcases the Alpha Team’s dedication to decentralization, supporting the growth of the BZE project, and promoting projects that align with our values. We invite our community members to join us in this effort by delegating their coins to BZE Community validators and contributing to a brighter, more decentralized future. In the coming weeks, we’re excited to announce the launch of our first ‘BZE Community’ validator.

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