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2 min readMar 17, 2024


The BZE blockchain is gearing up for an exciting update with the launch of BZE v7. This upgrade brings powerful new features to our ecosystem, making it easier for users to interact with blockchain technology, incentivize community participation, and trade assets more freely.

Creating Tokens Made Easy

One of the features of BZE v7 is the Token Factory. This lets users create their own tokens right on the BZE blockchain. These tokens can easily move across different blockchains in the Cosmos network, thanks to the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) feature. This is a big deal if you’re seeking to create and use your own tokens without needing to understand complex technology.

Rewarding Community Participation

BZE v7 introduces a Rewards module that makes it simple to set up staking rewards. This is great for anyone wanting to reward their community members for participating. With this feature, you can decide how big the rewards should be, how long the staking period will last, and the minimum amount needed to stake. This makes it super easy for community leaders to encourage and reward active participation without needing their own blockchain.

A New Way to Trade: The Order Book DEX

Another exciting addition is the order book decentralized exchange (DEX): Tradebin. Unlike common trading platforms that use a pool of funds to facilitate trades, this DEX allows users to trade directly with each other. This method is more transparent and can offer a better trading experience since it’s based on direct peer-to-peer exchanges. The blockchain handles everything in the background, making sure the process is safe and reliable.

Trading Rewards to Boost Engagement

Alongside the order book DEX, the new Rewards module also supports trading contests. This means users can set up competitions and reward the top traders over a certain period. It’s a fun way to encourage more trading and activity on your favorite DEX market.

Looking Forward

While we’re excited about these features in BZE v7, there’s more to come. We plan to introduce even more enhancements and functionalities in this upgrade, continuing to improve the blockchain experience for everyone.

The BZE v7 upgrade is all about making blockchain more accessible, rewarding, and user-friendly. By introducing these new features, we’re making it easier for everyone to participate in the blockchain community, whether it’s through creating tokens, engaging with communities, or trading assets. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance the BZE blockchain.

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