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BZEdge — 20–21 plans & features

BZEdge status update

What is BZEdge?

The cryptocurrency space is expanding exponentially and the adoption is increasing at the same speed. Being a part of this industry, we are aiming to provide a real use case for our users and come with new distinctive features for our project. We are orientated towards a secure and private world of finance, that can bring complete freedom for any user that values the same principles as we do.

BZEdge (BZE) builds on the technological and community innovations of Bitcoin, Z-Cash, and BitcoinZ.

In a fast-moving cryptocurrency world, it is necessary to establish a wide distribution and a focused, well-informed community to assist adoption in the name of freedom and liberty for all. Trade should be controlled solely by the buyer and the supplier.

However, we operate in a society where there are far too many middlemen and hidden costs that destroy our economies, forcing smaller to medium businesses to crumble under-inflated taxes and pressing end consumers to pay inflated prices. This cycle, in turn, fuels poverty in places predominantly controlled by the elite.

BZEdge aims to improve upon its origin points as a value and asset-based cryptocurrency. It enjoys a structure of freedom that allows for the rapid development of cutting-edge technology and a lowered barrier of entry for business services.

BZEdge believes, that with its technology, businesses will be equipped to take back control, drive growth, and breed success. BZEdge is committed to achieving these goals and realizing this mission, with a powerful community following, backed by a strong development team.

Total Supply: BZEdge will have a final distribution of just over 3.03B BZE.

Proof of Work: POW uses Z-Hash — the same algorithm as BitcoinZ.

PoW and Masternodes: The BZEdge blockchain is divided between PoW(ProofOfWork) and MN (MasterNode). The reward percentage for each protocol is 65% PoW and 35% for MN PoS.

Block Interval: 1 minute.

Block Reward: (up to block 1,800,000) = 19.5 coin. After block 1,800,000 the emission rate will halve to 8 coins. The halving protocol will continue to be implemented every 500,000 blocks with the last halving being placed at a difference of 1,575,000 blocks (between blocks 3,300,001 and 4,875,000) from 2 to 1 BZE Coin per block. More details here.

The Wallet

With BZEdge you are free to choose from a wide variety of wallets that include paper wallets or third-party wallets as well, depending on the level of security and the diversity of your portfolio.

You can choose a web wallet if you prefer the comfortable way, or you can just download a desktop wallet and use it to store BZE, but this option will come with a little more responsibility, as you will have to frequently check for new updates to your wallet of choice. To find out which wallet is suited for you, just visit

20–21 Roadmap

The roadmap for 2021 is full of new features and updates that will make BZE a valuable player in the cryptocurrency space.

  • Rebase to ZEC 4.1.1 (done)
  • Website Rebuild (in progress)
  • Upgrade to BZEdge 4.3.0 (in testing)
  • BZWallet with MN support
  • Decentralized chat (in BZWallet)
  • Lite desktop wallet


  • Implementation of BZERC-20 tokens/assets. BZEdge will support ERC-20 Smart Contracts
  • Mobile wallet
  • Tokens/assets wallets
  • DEX for on chain swaps


  • Marketing campaigns
  • Cross chains Swaps between BZERC-20 blockchain and ETH/BSC chain.

In conclusion

BZEdge is a blockchain cryptocurrency developed and maintained by the community with members from around the globe combining ideas to make this project a success. The belief in financial freedom through decentralized, fast, low-fee and private transactions keep the vision of the project alive.

BZEdge’s technologies and ideas allow growth for future development and improvement of alternative governance methodologies. The business applications of BZEdge range from worldwide transactions to purchases in small to medium businesses. BZEdge will strive to usher in a new era for businesses and also propel beneficial change for consumers.

For more information about the BZEdge project visit a new website will be released in the 1st Q of 2021.

Feel free to engage in a discussion with us on any of our communication channels: Twitter, BitcoinTalk, Medium Publication, Reddit, Discord or Telegram.



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