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Time to start

If you missed the notice in this article, is BeeZee’s first decentralized application. Its main goal is to feed news, articles & links to users from BZE blockchain. Governed by the people this network is the one enforcing the rules under which articles can be published — their original source, the author, and so on. More about how everything is working in the following lines.

Articles & Accepted Domains

In order to keep the users away from malicious websites the network accepts articles only from accepted internet domains. These domains are voted by the community and accepted only through governance proposals. At the time of this writing accepted domains are: ,, and a few subdomains of them (for pictures and media).

Articles are composed by title, URL and picture URL. URL and picture URL have to be hosted on an accepted domain, otherwise the article can not be submitted to the network. At this moment title’s length is limited between 20 and 140 characters, but we have a plan to move this decision in network’s “hands” and make it a configurable parameter that can be changed through governance proposal.

CoinTrunk decentralized application based on BZE Blockchain add article form
CoinTrunk Web — Add article form

As you can see in the picture above if you’re not a publisher accepted by the network you’ll have to pay 25,000 BZE to publish the article. Slots for paid articles are limited to 5 for each month. Both price and article monthly limit can be changed through governance proposal.


A publisher is in fact an address that was voted through governance proposal to be marked as “publisher” on the network. Once the address is accepted it can publish unlimited articles at the cost of a blockchain transaction.

At the moment of this writing we are starting with BZE Alpha Team as an official publisher on the network. This was the decision made by the network through governance proposal #14. The community is the only one that can accept a publisher, but also the community is the one that can cancel a publisher.

CoinTrunk decentralized application based on BZE Blockchain view publisher page
CoinTrunk web app — Publisher page

Publishers can gain respect from the readers and get encouraged to continue publishing good content. The respect paid by each of us is split between the network and the publisher — a percentage of the respects paid go to the community pool. BZE Alpha Team is planning to reward most respected and most active publishers on the network, but we might also propose to implement a decentralized rewarding system for them in the future.

CoinTrunk decentralized application based on BZE Blockchain pay publisher respect

Everyone is more than welcome to be part of BZE network. You can either be a publisher or a staker to decide who’s going to publish and what internet domain they can use, or you can just publish a paid article to promote your event/project/business.

In the meanwhile we’re working on CoinTrunk Mobile App and the next blockchain upgrade, but more on this in the next status update article.

Feel free to join us on Twitter, Discord or Telegram to propose accepted domains, publishers or other features. We’re open to discuss any issues or improvements.

And finally… visit CoinTrunk Web App.

Buy BZE from Osmosis and track it on DexScreener. If you want to support the project feel free to provide some liquidity on Osmosis pool.

Feel free to engage in a discussion with us on any of our communication channels: Twitter, Medium Publication, Discord or Telegram.



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