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How to upgrade your Masternode

BZEdge masternodes list

In this article we will explain as simple as we can how to upgrade your BZEdge Masternode on a linux server. Whenever we release a new version of BZE you can use this article — except when we recommend another guide or provide other instructions.

This article assumes that you already have basic knowledge about how to connect to a server and how to interact with your masternode.

So let’s begin

First of all connect to the server through the terminal and navigate to your user’s home directory.


We will now download the bootstrap that can be found here. This step will help you get rid of waiting a lot of time for the daemon to sync with the network and using this your masternode will NOT expire it will keep being connected and as soon as we finish it will also be eligible for rewards.

Create the ‘bootstrap’ directory and download the bootstrap in it. This may take a while since the bootstrap contains all blockchain data (around 4GBs):

mkdir bootstrap
cd bootstrap

When download is finished unzip the downloaded file:


This will extract two directories: ‘chainstate’ and ‘blocks’.

Open your browser and navigate to our official releases:

Click on the latest release then right-click on the binaries for your operating system — we’ll pick linux binaries — and “Copy Link Address”.

Go back to your terminal and download the binaries:

cd ~/wget sure you extract from the file you have downloaded
tar -xvf bzedge-4.1.1-linux.tar.gz

This will extract the new binaries to your home directory.

Next we have to stop the old daemon running on your VPS. Your MN daemon.

./bzedge-cli stop

Once the daemon is stopped we will delete its blockchain data.

rm -rf .bzedge/chainstate
rm -rf .bzedge/blocks

Now we have to copy the files we downloaded and extracted from bootstrap earlier:

cp -r bootstrap/blocks .bzedge/
cp -r bootstrap/chainstate .bzedge/

Please be patient. This will take several seconds.

After this operation is finished we can start the MN daemon once again and let it run:

./bzedged -d

Your daemon should now start and in a matter of minutes, it will be synced with the entire network.

You can watch your MN logs using the ‘tail’ command:

tail -f .bzedge/debug.log

Hope you had a flawless masternode upgrade process.
Thank you all for your support and we invite you to watch us closer and maybe get involved with our community.

Feel free to engage in a discussion with us on any of our communication channels: Twitter, BitcoinTalk, Medium Publication, Reddit, Discord or Telegram.



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