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Let’s have a short recap about what happened with BZE since our last medium article about CoinTrunk:

  • Stress the testnet to prepare v6 for mainnet
  • Reach out to CMC, CG, LiveCoinWatch to upgrade our info
  • Develop CoinTrunk Web DApp
  • Plan CoinTrunk Mobile DApp development
  • Plan next blockchain upgrade

The recent period has been one of increased activity, and we appreciate your continued support.

BZE v6 upgrade

Following the successful launch of v6.0.0 on the mainnet, our attention has turned to the next moves.

We intend to initiate a burn (or multiple burns) of 100–200 million BZE from the community pool, which holds a total supply of 412 million BZE, in order to maintain an optimal supply-demand balance. Adjustments to parameters like goal bonded or min/max inflation will also be necessary.

Your vote decides

To facilitate the launch of CoinTrunk, the blockchain requires predefined data, and trusted domains will need to be selected via a community vote to ensure the source of articles can be trustful. Proposals to list well-known domains as trusted domains will be submitted in the following days.

CoinTrunk Web — articles listing

There is also a list of parameters used by the blockchain to decide how CoinTrunk can be used:

  • anonymous article limit — represents the maximum number of anonymous (paid) articles / month — currently set at 5 (five)
  • anonymous article cost — represents the amount of coins to be paid in order to publish an anonymous article — currently 25,000 BZE
  • publisher respect tax — the percentage of the respect paid that will go to community pool — currently 20%
Pay your respects to your favorite publisher

These parameters are part of the blockchain and can be changed via governance proposal. We invite you to discuss about them and propose a change if you feel they should have different values.

We invite you to stay close as we need to build on top of BZE blockchain together.

Track BeeZee (BZE) market details on LiveCoinWatch

Buy BZE from Osmosis and track it on DexScreener. If you want to support the project feel free to provide some liquidity on Osmosis pool.

Feel free to engage in a discussion with us on any of our communication channels: Twitter, Medium Publication, Discord or Telegram.



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