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Vidulum App for BeeZee blockchain

BZEdge v5 — or simply BeeZee

As we announced in the previous blog post BZEdge will change its name to BeeZee to celebrate switching to a new blockchain technology based on Cosmos SDK and a new PoS consensus based on validators.

Vidulum App to support BeeZee

If you’re not familiar with Vidulum App you should definitely check them out.

We know each other since the birth of our projects. BZE and VDL teams were always in touch and will always be in touch to collaborate, exchange experiences or maybe just chat.

Recently we found out we’re going in the same direction: Cosmos SDK. So we decided once again to get in touch and discuss the possibility of having BeeZee fully supported on their amazing wallet.

Their response was just like their project: amazing. We agreed on a partnership where Vidulum App will support all our new and old features: coin transfer, staking, governance proposal and voting.

BeeZee wallet

As a result of the work the team at Vidulum is doing we no longer need to pursue the development of our own wallet. It wouldn’t make any sense to develop a new multi-platform wallet for both desktop and mobile. We can leave this to professionals, to a team that is committed to develop and maintain a reliable application like Vidulum App and we can focus on other important things that we want to implement like cross-chain Swaps and Farming on BSC and ETH.

Moreover we have an agreement with FLUX team too and ZelCore will continue to support BeeZee for coin transferring, but not for advanced features like Staking or Governance voting.


When we switch to the new blockchain you will have the possibility to use Vidulum App for the full experience of BeeZee blockchain (staking, voting, transferring) or ZelCore as a simple wallet.

Feel free to engage in a discussion with us on any of our communication channels: Twitter, BitcoinTalk, Medium Publication, Reddit, Discord or Telegram.




Cutting Edge Cryptocurrency. Ultra fast, secure and low cost blockchain aiming to provide a complete digital ecosystem.

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Cutting Edge Cryptocurrency. Ultra fast, secure and low cost blockchain

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