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We are BeeZee (/ˈbɪzi/)

Being busy…

In the last few months we have been busy. Both teams have been working hard to prepare the next steps in BZEdge’s life.

Studying the opportunities and the ideas we want to implement has been keeping us busy. This entire period has been a planning marathon, not a sprint. A period that spanned on a few months in which we discussed and planned our next moves.

We decided we need a restart: a fresh blockchain to build our future on. You’re already familiar with the upcoming upgrade which we described in “BZEdge V5 is coming” post and in “BZE v5 specs and swap details”. If you’re not, go ahead and read it. It’s interesting.

… Let’s make that a name

Since we’re involved in BZE with all our power, ideas, free time and money we should name us in a way to portrait it. We should highlight that we’re a community project, but dedicated. We were just a few persons but we grew. We had teammates that had to leave, but others came around. We’re striving to become better, no matter what obstacles we encounter. We did our best to have privacy and up-to-date and bug free Zcash codebase, but we have to give up on it… WE ARE BUSY! WE ARE BeeZee!

New blockchain, new habits, new name

In the upgrade event that is coming we decided to change our name from “BZEdge” to “BeeZee” as in “busy” as in “we’re here to stay and grow”.

We will keep the same ticker “BZE” and the same “b” combined with the “z” in our official logo.

New logo can be found in our Github repository “Official BZEdge Graphics” in “rebranding-2022” directory.

Feel free to engage in a discussion with us on any of our communication channels: Twitter, BitcoinTalk, Medium Publication, Reddit, Discord or Telegram.



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