Living Magazine


This briefing took us to a new universe. In 2013, we used to photograph pets for personal records of families, but since this project we visualized that we could do much more.

Living Magazine is a national magazine based in Porto Alegre and we were asked for an editorial of pets and accessories in honor of the month of the animals, in October. The magazine is monthly and approximately 15,000 copies are distributed per edition.

*This is a commissioned work, so these pictures are not part of our stock photos session. Not able for purchase. 
All photos are copyrighted. For personal or commercial use please contact us at:

*As fotografias deste projeto não fazem parte do nosso banco de imagens, ou seja, não estão disponíveis para compra.

Todas as fotografias são protegidas por direitos autorais. Para uso pessoal ou comercial favor contatar solicitar autorização:

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