Using Our Power to Advance Racial Equity [VIDEO]

To achieve a truly inclusive democracy, government must proactively tackle institutional and structural racism. Racial inequities currently exist across all indicators for success, including in education, criminal justice, jobs, housing, public infrastructure and health, regardless of intent, region of the country or size of city. Government has the ability to implement policy change at multiple levels and across multiple sectors to drive larger systemic change. Today, we have the opportunity to change how local government works so that racial equity is a priority in both policy and practice.

Racial Equity Here is an initiative of the Government Alliance on Race and Equity that supports five U.S. cities committed to advancing racial equity and improving outcomes for all. Hear how these cities are conducting Racial Equity Assessments of core operations and implementing action plans to drive organizational change. Learn how these cities are deploying their power to create systemic change that advances racial equity and supports a more inclusive democracy.

Glenn Harris, President, Race Forward (@glennharriscsi)

Brion Oaks, Chief Equity Office, City of Austin, TX

T. Benicio Gonzales, MSW, PMP, Executive Administrator, Department of Public Health & Wellness, Louisville Metro Government, KY

Nora Liu, Project Manager, Race Equity Here, Government Alliance on Race & Equity (GARE)

Nefertiri R. Sickout, Deputy Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Office of Mayor Kenney, City of Philadelphia, PA

Stacy Stout, Assistant to the City Manager, City of Grand Rapids, MI