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Gamedev Log: “The Escape” #1 (Unity/C#)

A daily log of how I program a basic Unity/C# game: “The Escape”!

TOC | Gamedev Log: “The Escape” #2 ➡️

For the upcoming couple of weeks, I’ve decided to work on a small-sized Unity/C# game and regularly post updates on the features and bug fixes I develop. So I’ll be writing a daily “gamedev log” and posting one new episode…




Focuses on ASP.Net | ASP.Net Core | .Net & C# advance design, best practices & experiences to make developers life simple..!!

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Mina Pêcheux

Mina Pêcheux

I’m a freelance full-stack web & game developer. I’m passionate about topics like CGI, music, data science and more! Find me at: https://minapecheux.com :)

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