.Net core vs .Net framework which one wins the game in 2021?

.Net core vs .Net framework performance: A comparative analysis.

.Net core vs .Net framework performance comparison.

Arohi Adhyaru
May 11 · 4 min read

This rivalry between .Net core vs .Net framework is nothing new in the web application development industry.

Anyone who is working in this industry can vouch for that pressure, the dilemma they have to make a choice between the old vs new.

Believe me, and I know the struggle when it comes to opting from old vs new, where you can’t trust the newer version as it doesn’t have that old trustworthiness, and the old option is, well, getting old!

.NET core vs .Net framework
.NET core vs .Net framework

The selection from both can be done based on various factors and attributes; However, in this blog, we are mainly doing this comparative analysis based on the .Net core vs .Net framework performance and the factors affecting their performances at the time of building web applications.

If we talk about .Net, it is one of the best server-side open-source platforms. With .Net, you can utilize multiple languages, editors and libraries to build desktop or IoT based applications.

Where .Net core is widely adopted as an answer to the limitations of the .Net

.Netcore is a cross-platform application that works with Windows, Linux or macOS based operating systems.

The fascinating thing about this framework is that it has a solid open source community, so one can expect an extending hand if he is stuck at some point, somewhere.

If we carefully observe the ongoing trend between both versions, both walk on the same tracks, but lately, the .Net core has started growing in terms of popularity in the .Net community in recent times.

.Net core vs .Net framework
.Net core vs .Net framework

.Net core vs .Net framework performance

When numerous resources are on the stack, you always stuck with this problem about which option would benefit your web applications?

When .Net 3.1 took over with their latest updated features, the performance has significantly increased throughout the years.

If we look at the entire situation here, the overall .Net core has reported excellent performance compared to its .Net. However, there have been minor performance regression errors has been reported in the community with the .Net core 3.1 version compared to .Net 4.8

When the GitHub performance test has been conducted, the test results came something like this,

When the .Net core has been triggered, it is using more than 2x CPU speed time.

In another test.Net 4.8 has found rendering speed more than 10–20% than the .Net core application.

The regression performance was noted merely a bit slower than the .Net 4.8 version.

If we dig deeper into the details, observe this benchmark report of .Net core vs .Net framework performance based on experimental observations.

Source: Github

The compatible test:

.Net Core is quite famous for its compatibility with macOS, window and Linux models, and it can work with anything

On the other hands, .Net web development is quite comfortable with Windows operating system, and to cover such flexes, the architecture has been restructured to create .Net core more convenient and extensive.

.Net framework is ideal to use for any organization when the deployment requirement is for long term projects.

Microsoft has already shown they have no interest in forbidding such a robust framework .Net to put things together. However, they do intend to limit the new releases in order to limit their complexity.

For those who have already working on .Net, there is no such kind of urgency to migrate to .Net core.

But yes, if someone is entering into this industry and it is their beginning, they definitely have a prominent choice to make here.

Fortunately, there are few good options out there with an expert and skilled .Net and .Net core developer team who knows the Developing industry well especially working in mobile application developing or building progressive web applications.

If you feel like these things are a bit tricky and complex, you can always get the free consultation of a .Net core developer who can optimize your resources while promising the best of class output for your project.

If you have liked this blog and are interested in reading more about it, this blog can be a treat for you!

.Net Core vs .Net : a complete analysis

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