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Why you should learn ASP.NET Core in 2021

What is ASP.NET Core?

ASP.NET is one of the most popular web-development framework. It is used for building web apps on .NET Platform. In 2016 a new version of .NET framework is introduced which is open-source and cross platform. This updated framework is known as ASP.NET Core and It can be run on macOS, Linux and Windows.
ASP.NET Core is faster web-development framework than the other available frameworks. It is designed to allow runtime components, APIs, compilers and languages evolve quickly while still providing a stable and supported platform to keep apps running. According to Stackoverflow developer survey 2019, it is one of the most popular and most loved web-development framework.

10 Reasons to learn ASP.NET Core in 2021

  1. Web Apps and Services: You can build modren and scalable web apps and services using HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  2. Deploy Anywhere: You can deploy asp.net core apps to any platform (Windows, MacOS, Linux) cloud or containers.
  3. Single Page Apps (SPA): You can create single page applications using popular javascript frameworks like Angular, React or VueJS.
  4. Run .NET in Browser: We can use Blazor to create interactive web UI in C# that allow us to run .NET directly in browser.
  5. Development Tools: We can use favorite development tools on Windows, Linus or macOS.
  6. Internet of Things: We can build state of the art applications or background services for IoT devices.
  7. Unified Object Model: We need to learn a unified object model for both web UI and web APIs.
  8. Hosting Options: We can host apps on Kestrel, IIS, Nginx, Apache, Docker etc.
  9. Dependency Injection: We can take advantage of build in dependency injection feature in .net core.
  10. Middleware pipeline: We can use lightweight, high performance and modular request and response pipeline.



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