214 (b)

Akkara Naktamna
May 18, 2018 · 4 min read

My name is Patcha Kitchaicharoen. I graduated from Visual Communication Design, the faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University. I moved to New York almost two years ago to study at ICP (International Center of Photography). I was a commercial photographer for eight years before. ICP and New York completely changed my photography perspective.

The project called 214 (b)

*Section 214(b) of the United States Immigration and Nationality Act is the document that you would receive if your visa applications were denied.
I got denied to came to studied ICP in 2015 later I had to wait one more year to try again. Finally, I got the visa in 2016 then I started this project while I’m living here.

214(b) is my on-going project about things, place, and feeling that I would not see, go, do, discovery and feel if I couldn’t come to the USA.

I didn’t plan to start this series at all in the first place. I have seen America only from movies, so I’m very fascinated every little detail while I’m here. In August 2017, I went on a road trip across the United States from Texas to San Fransico for two weeks, and I kept shooting everything that I saw. Turn out after I came back, developed all my negatives, put photos all together, I saw something from my eyes through my cameras and then I started to realize. There is something there.

I’m still not sure about that. My experience? My point of view? Real America that you won’t see any these kinds of stuff if you don’t come to see for yourself? I’m not a traveling blogger. I’m just an Asian woman who needed to do things once in a lifetime.

I hope that I want to make these project become something real. Photobook sounds perfect for me, maybe an exhibition. Who’s know? I have to wait and shoot more and see. My plan now is going to every state in the USA to discover more. (Already had four road trips right now!)

When I am back to Thailand, I will open my food studio and props house. Did I mention that I’m a creative food photographer? :)

, 31 years old, love to eat and shoot food, enjoy drinking, single (but plan not to be too long haha) and being happy.

IG : patchaworkspace
# for this project in IG: #214bproject


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