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Say something about yourself — What is this series?
918 is a work about the office. This photographic project took place in an office and in outdoor spaces adjacent to it. What results is an apparent altered representation of reality because the images do not directly describe the environment but they use a metaphorical language to tell what else lurks in regard to this microworld.

How/When did you start this series?
The project started in 2014. I am a software developer and I decided to photograph my work environment. It is an “autobiographical” work

What message do you want to tell the audience?
Each quadtych is made up of a combination of minimal pictures that are almost like words, they are linked to each other to compose a message. One of the objectives was to leave the viewer a lot of freedom of interpretation. Many quadtychs are designed and combined to communicate something specific, maintaining a polysemantic feature. I often played on the indoor and outdoor relationship, of what I call “the escape instinct”: often you want to escape as soon as possible from the workplace, sometimes even just for a break. The office and the outside world that immediately surrounds it bind almost to form a continuous space.

Any your news update? exhibition, book, life?
At the beginning of 2017 I realized the fanzine of 918, where I strengthened the experiment on paper format, printing some photos on post-it: http://www.lookinsideyourselfand.com/fanzine-918

Santolo Felaco was born in Naples in 1984. He graduated in Computer Science. He work as a freelance photographer with a focus on social themes and he work as software engineering.
He attended advanced reportage with Fausto Podavini and a master about modern language of documentary photography with Massimo Mastrorillo.
He attended workshops with Ricardo Cases, Max Pinckers, Federico Clavarino and Antonio Xoubanova.

He’s founder member of LISA collective.




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