Acinteyya (อจินไตย)

Jul 1, 2017 · 4 min read
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Say something about yourself
My name is Kanrapee a member of Street Photo Thailand. Currently I am living in New York and working as a videographer and photographer for a fashion branding company named Cosmic Modesty. I came here to discover myself in the world of photography. For me, photography is a way to express myself and to share with the world with my belief and vision of life.

What is this series?
Acinteyya is a Buddhist term that is translated as ‘imponderable.’ These are the things that are not to be pondered because they would bring madness and vexation upon anyone who ponders them and they would distract us from the Buddha’s teachings. However, we have to admit that we ponder the ‘imponderable’ all the time. “what is out there in the universe?” “why are we here?” “what happens when we die?” because we are just human.

How/When did you start this series?
It started when I went through my previous work and very similar style that runs through most of the photographs. I could say they look as if they are captured from an Alien Sci-Fi movie or something of that sort. Then I realized that my work is mostly influenced by my interest about extraterrestrial beings since I was young. I did a lot of research and read up everything that I can find on the subject.

Also I have to say, I believe that I’ve seen UFO 3 times in my life. I looked at the sky and saw a ball of light just like a star moving in light speed and disappeared. I usually don’t tell anyone except people that are closed to me, but I do believe they are existed somewhere in the universe. So I began gathering my previous work with this same particular style and also continued to take more photos as well.

As to how the name ‘Acinteyya’ came about, was when my friend told me what Buddha didn’t want his apprentices to ponder and that included unprovable things which is exactly what the subject of the existence of extraterrestrial being is all about.

What message do you want to tell the audience?
I’m not exactly certain what I want to convey to the audience because my work is based mainly on my personal interest. However, what I would say is I convey my belief and vision through images and would let the audience figure the story themselves.

Any news update?
I’m still going to continue working on this series along with a bigger one about NYC and possibly and exhibition or a photo book would be followed. That’s my rough plan for now.

Kanrapee Chokpaiboon was born and raised in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 1990. He dove into the world of photography in his early adolescence years. During that time he found photography as a way to express his inner self, but never quite sure of himself at the same time. It was a long journey of finding oneself and his own style until he attended a workshop in New York organized by two of photographers he admires; Gus Powell and Dirty Harry, that he finally found himself. Now he will continue to uncover deeper aspects of his imagination and express it through his photographs.


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