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4 min readAug 5, 2017


Say something about yourself?

My name is Fabian Schreyer, I’m 33 years old (well, maybe already 34 when this gets published) and I live close to Munich — in Bavaria/Germany. I’m married, work as a freelance pr-agent in music business, try to travel as often as possible and spend much of my free time either in my favourite espresso bar or taking pictures in the streets.

What is this series? How/When did you start this series?

The series is called “animal. minimal.” As the name suggests, it focuses on minimalistic photographs with a street aesthetic, which are starring animals. It started with a picture taken a few years ago in Barcelona, which shows two pigeons and the feet of a man who’s sunbathing with his socks placed next to his feet for drying. The series silently evolved since then, some shots were taken in my area and some during travels to Morocco, Italy and Sweden. It wasn’t planned to be a series in the first place, but that’s how it happens most of the time. I shoot, store the shots on my hard drive and when I see some corresponding images, I create a new folder, put the pictures with a similar look and feel in those “virtual boxes” and one day, it turns out to be an ongoing series. It’s an interesting process, because in the beginning you unconsciously follow certain leitmotifs when roaming the streets and at some point, you get aware of your preferences, the approach gets more conscious and you start to look for missing links.

What message do you want to tell the audience?

This series is more a visual exercise. Quiet, tidy shots, some with a certain portion of humour, some a bit more melancholic. The edit is not meant to change the world, in this case I’m perfectly content to entertain or astonish one or the other viewer.

Any news or updates? Exhibition, book, life?

I’m off to Cornwall in England in mid-August for a short road trip with my wife, which ends at London Street Photography Festival. We’ll have a little show there with our collective “The Street Collective”. After this trip, I’m getting ready for shooting a project at “Oktoberfest” and in the beginning of October I’ll bring the exhibition of “Via!”, a German-Italian street photography project that I curated, to Munich. Apart from that I’m always working on several new photography related ideas for the near future.

Fabian Schreyer is a freelance pr-agent in the music industry, journalist and photographer from Augsburg/Germany and co-founder of ‘The Street Collective’. Roaming with the camera through the streets turned out to be the best way to raise his awareness for the hidden secrets of everyday life. What Schreyer occasionally brings home from his urban explorations are split seconds of the lives of perfect strangers that unveil his fascination for the poetry underlying the mundane. The outcome is a visual diary, a collection of (extra)ordinary candid moments, of personal memories, places he has been to and things he has seen.

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