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Originally from Michigan, I’ve been living in Bangkok for nearly 7 years now. A large percentage of my work is shot on film, simply because I like the tangibility of it. I’m drawn to absurdity and not afraid to put myself in uncomfortable situations. If you’re taking a selfie in public, there’s a chance I’m standing behind you right now.

What is this series?

I tend to shoot strangers and people on the street, often using a heavy flash. This is sort of a meditative break from that and more of a personal study of colors, minimalism, and simple still lifes. It’s an ongoing process.

How/When did you start this series?

Like most of the things I shoot, it comes naturally, or it doesn’t come at all. I purchased a half-frame camera a few months ago and started photographing more things that previously I might have considered to be “a waste of film.” Having double the amount of exposures gives me more room to experiment without feeling too guilty about the cost.

What message do you want to tell the audience?

In this case, I don’t.

Any news or updates? Exhibition, book, life?

I’m currently working on a few things.

Launching the third issue of my “Mao Mak Mag” series with an accompying exhibition on November, 11th at JAM Cafe.

I’m also wrapping up another series showcasing my photos under the Instagram hashtag #storedisplaced which consists of found photos in store demo phones. Currently in the process of creating a book with ‘Poop Press’. (Speedy Grandma)

Also a couple other things that are a bit hush hush for now. It’s going to be a busy year!

Graham Meyer

1987 Born in Detroit, Michigan
2009 Graduated from Art Institute of Washington
Has been living in Bangkok, Thailand since 2011.

Solo Exhibitions
2013 October 4-11 Bangkok From Above」SPEEDY GRANDMA ・Bangkok
2013 May 3-30 Mao Mak Mag」JAM ・Bangkok
2015 Aug 29 「A Tribute To Speedy Grandma」SPEEDY GRANDMA ・Bangkok
2015 Sept 21 - Oct 3 「The World's Your Oyster」Duang-Daao ・Tokyo

Group Exhibitions
2014 October Everything is Under Control」for Tetragon Group Show BRIDGE ・ Bangkok
2015 May「T-xhibition」CHO WHY ・Bangkok
2015 July 3-Aug 3 「The World’s Your Oyster」for Opening Exhibition at U BAAN ART SPACE ・ Bangkok
2016 Oct 14-27 「MIST」group show at HUBBA-TO ・ Bangkok
2017 June 9-23「Bye Bye Chinatown」group show at CHO WHY ・ Bangkok





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