Say something about yourself?
I was born in a small city in japan, called Fukui in1983. I’ll explain about Fukui. My home town Fukui is located on the mid-west coast of Japan, surrounded by lots of nature, sea, river, and 360° mountains. Some Japanese even do not know where Fukui is. I love it here, because I can always be around amazing food, lots of nature, and genuine people. Also, I can enjoy four seasons every year. You are always able to get closer to people here, because they are friendly and kind. There is always a good neighbourly community. People communicate with each other, spend time together, and help each other. I find that it is important to take photos of these people. I then started to hope that I can show the beautiful Fukui to the whole world. I am sure I understand the beauty of my hometown, much more than people from the outside — I was born and grew up here. I want to show and express how I see and how I feel about this area.

What is this project? 
The theme of this project “Hidden”, is “Expression”. I believe that this is the everlasting theme to taking photographs and how I express myself and my thoughts in them. I had to I think that expression is created from your knowledge and experiences. I look forward the change of my expression as I get older.

When/Why did you start making this project?
I started working on the project “HIDDEN” about a year ago. This was actually triggered by a competition that I applied for. The title “HIDDEN” is from one of my favourite songs, and I had wanted to express my deep thoughts in my photos, and it was the perfect timing, a couple of years since I started photography. One of the reasons I’m into street photography is every photo has got meanings hidden in there. When I see other photographers photos and find their thoughts, I feel like I could talk to them and want to get to know more about them. I wanted to do the same thing, wanted people to find my hidden thoughts and talk to other people through my photos. And to let people find my thoughts, I express myself in my photos by variety of means. I am still working on it, and I will do for a while yet.

What message do you want to convey to the audience?
I expect people to be intrigued by the surface of photos, but also to find the meaning behind the photos which is my thoughts of why I took the photos. I would rather people “read photos” like reading mind instead of just looking photos. And if my photos could become the trigger for people to be interested in photography and become aware of the greatness of them, it would be more than pleasure for me.

Any your news update; exhibition, book, new project, life, etc?
I am planning to hold my own exhibition. As I would love to make people happy with my photos. I am actually working on the other project, which is taking photos of my hometown Fukui. It really does not matter the style, not only street photo style, but any. I’m thinking of photographing people, scenery, family, and friends, anything in/about Fukui.

Ryosuke Takamura is a Japanese street photographer. He lives in Fukui which is located on the east coast around the centre of Japan’s main island. He has been a finalist of the Miami Street Photography Festival 2015 and the StreetFoto San Francisco 2016.